Holistic Bedroom Design, Wellness Of The Mind, Body, and Soul 2022

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If you want more wellness and joy in your life, a holistic approach to living could deliver the change you need to see results.

Holism is an ancient approach to life that focuses on looking at things as a whole, where everything is intimately interconnected.

For example, your day starts in your bedroom, where clutter and uncleanliness can stress you out and impact your morning. You then work, where stress affects your productivity and energy levels.

Holistic design means spending time thinking about how spaces impact your comfort and productivity. Approaching life as a whole, where your mind, body, and soul are whole, can yield health benefits and make you happier.

What is holistic bedroom design?

In holistic bedroom design, bedrooms are designed as interconnected wholes, rather than as a pocket of spaces for dressing, sleeping, gaming, and so on.

The goal is to make a bedroom that looks and feels good to use. The space has to connect how you live and feel.

While you can try holistic design anywhere in your home, it makes sense to start in your bedroom because you start and end your day in it.

How to embrace holistic bedroom design 

Most of us are guilty of designing our bedrooms around a trend or something we’ve seen online. But holistic interior design calls for an intimate, personal approach that considers how our bedrooms impact our feelings and lives.

Small changes can make a big difference to the mind, body, and soul. Here’s how to embrace holistic design in your bedroom in 2022:

Go for the natural look 

Interior styles like biophilic design, Scandinavian design, and Feng Shui are popular techniques for holistic living. Plants, earthy colours, and organic materials like a wooden bed frame are the simplest ways to make your bedroom nicer.

Embrace cool colours

Cool colours like blues and greens are associated with calming and healing, while warm colours are associated with heightened emotions. Cool colours will help integrate a sense of peace and relaxation into your bedroom.

Minimalism is key 

Modern Bedroom Designs 2021.

Minimalism will introduce balance to your bedroom. Most people only need a bed, a wardrobe, and a dresser/chest. Look at ways to minimise your bedroom without sacrificing the functionality you need.

Live simply 

Holistic bedrooms have a common theme: they only contain the essentials people need, with no baggage and excess clutter. You can adopt a holistic approach in your bedroom by keeping things simple. Less is more.

Contain the clutter

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Pictured: Milan Bed Company Side Lift 3FT Single Leather Ottoman Bed – White, Available from Bedstar. The online bed superstore.

Clutter is the arch-enemy of holistic bedroom design. You have to keep it under control; otherwise, it will impact the positive energy in your space.

Here are a few ways to contain clutter:

  • Ottoman bed for storage under the mattress
  • Taller chest of drawers for an additional drawer
  • Wall pockets for bits and bats
  • Overdoor storage rack for bits and bats
  • Tiered shelves
  • Get ruthless and throw away everything but your essentials

Get a comfy mattress

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Pictured: Sleepeezee Jessica 1800 Pocket Gel Mattress. Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.

Bedtime comfort impacts your sleep, which affects your body and mind. If you toss and turn or your mattress is over a decade old, consider trying a new mattress. This change can yield significant improvements in your health and well-being.

Sleep facing the south or east 

According to the ancient Indian tradition Vastu Shastra, the best direction to sleep is pointing towards the south or east direction. This means your feet point north or west (if this is impossible in your bedroom, don’t sweat it).

Comfort yourself with floor textures 

Since we spend most of our time barefoot and in socks in our bedrooms, it makes sense to use floor textures we enjoy. This could be a braided rug made from jute and sisal or a thick, faux fur rug that squishes into your toes.

Overall, holistic bedroom design is a great way to improve your well-being. Why not give it a go and see what you think?

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