Holiday Fashions with Shohreh Rahmani


As we near to the most wonderful time of the year, we can’t help but reflect on the past and gear up towards the future.  The next couple of months will host merriment, laughter, joy, and quality time spent with family and friends. One thing we shouldn’t have to worry about during these upcoming months is what to wear. As Black Friday is just around the corner and we start to buy presents for not only ourselves but our loved ones we need to think of quality gifts over quantity of gifts. San Francisco designer, Shohreh Rahmani’s clothing line is the epitome of class and elegance. Her ready-to-wear couture collection exhibits the finest materials and fabrics, structure, and attention to detail.

Shohreh Rahmani started sewing at the tender age of five and knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue a career in fashion. Living in the tumultuous land of Iran, Rahmani came to America to begin her career and create her line. Her desire to tailor and customize each piece for every customer enables them to have a long lasting tailored item that fits perfectly to their frame. Rahmani does this in efforts to one day be rid of disposable fast fashion. Her clothing line is a testament to the want to make women feel their absolute best by wearing clothing that is comfortable and made with their bodies in mind.

Shohreh Rahmani has a multitude of clothing that would be perfect for any upcoming holiday shindig. However, one particular look stands out in the bunch for it’s contemporary, trendy, as well as elegant feel.  Shohreh Rahmani’s Sparkling Crop Top with High Waist Straight Leg Pants is a great look that compliments the festivities of the holidays.

Rahmani’s gold colored Sparkling Crop Top fits into the 2016 holiday trend look. During the holiday’s everything must sparkle, but not so much in fear that one looks like a walking disco ball. Rahmani has the perfect balanced outfit that will help to fit in while standing out. Rahmani’s tweed like sheer material is the perfect balance of lightweight and heavyweight fabric and falls perfectly on the wearer. Paired with the straight leg, high waist black pants which provide a clean finish to the look. The outfit makes the wearer look long and lean while maintaining a casual component. Complete this look with nice statement earrings that compliment the entire look (nothing to busy), and pair with either an open or closed toe pump.

This look though casual and modern still keeps with Rahmani’s theme of elegance and sophistication. For more information about Shohreh Rahmani’s line and how you can score pieces just in time for the holidays, please visit,

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