Hipster Wedding Trends That Work for Anyone

hipster wedding

Hipsters generally look at the world through a different prism from most other people, and their perspective on and approach to weddings is no exception. While some of their wedding trends may leave you scratching your head — think Mason jars, “naked” cakes, sand ceremonies and custom sunglasses — today’s hipsters have come up with, or have adopted, some clever and impressive wedding ideas.

Here are five hipster wedding trends you just might get into and consider incorporating into your own big day.

1. The “No Wedding Dress” Wedding

Hipsters in general, and millennial hipsters more specifically, take fashion cues from no one. They don’t need Vera Wang, Maggie Sottero, Oscar de la Renta or any of the other hot wedding gown designers to tell them what they need to wear on their big day. In fact, many of today’s hip brides are visiting vintage boutique and thrift stores to find what suits them.

This personal aesthetic choice extends to the groom, attendants and guests as well. The idea is that everyone feels comfortable to express their personal style in their own way.

2. Hipsters are Going Small with Snack Platters and Small Plate Dinner Options

According to She Knows, traditional seated reception dinner options are trending downward. The modern approach is far more casual, allowing people to enjoy snacks and small-plated dishes throughout the event instead of waiting for an unknown duration.

This dining style also offers a greater variety of food options for the bride, groom and guests. The couple can order a variety of options to more easily accommodate omnivores, vegetarians and vegans.

3. Millennial Hipsters Increasingly Rely on Wedding Websites

Hipsters are practical, and they understand a wedding website can streamline the entire process for the bride and groom. Indeed, a wedding website has the power to bring wedding party and guests together in one virtual spot, shares Wedding Ideas. Even better, it’s free, easy, personalized and extremely common for engaged couples to start their own website to help streamline preparations.

4. Online Invitations and Announcements Get the Word Out to Friends and Family with Ease and Speed

Couples also rely on creating their invitations online to save time, energy and money. Websites specializing in online invitations provide a variety of attractive designs, color schemes, orientations and more.

These companies usually provide products and services for additional related events surrounding the wedding, such as save the dates, bridesmaid invitations, and ceremony and reception announcements. Hipsters appreciate that they can depend on one central stationer to design announcements, design invitations and extend gratitude.

5. Signature Cocktails and an Open Bar Are Peak Hipster Trends for Weddings

Think about all the hipsters who create their own crafted beverages, albeit beer, wine or even moonshine. Millennials are networking with friends and local bartenders and entrepreneurs to get a variety of unique local blends and signature cocktails that their wedding party members and guests won’t forget. Plus, people tend to find the food, drink and music the most memorable part of any wedding, anyway. For many couples, this aspect of the wedding is more than worth the investment.

Adding a Bit of Modernity to Otherwise Traditional Approaches

Hipsters are making their mark in the wedding realm, along with just about everything else they touch. The combination of online productivity solutions for invitations and websites, specially crafted spirits, unique dining options and dressing to their own style feature the best of modern and traditional approaches to weddings that anyone can incorporate into their own special day.

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