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There are tons of sheet masks on the market. What makes “Hey! Pinkgo Girl” special is its innovative fabric, combined with  liquid crystal emulsification technology,  so the mask delivers the formula effectively  to the skin and maximize its beneficial effect. This line is also certified by SGS, safety and quality guaranteed.

lifting_lace_mask_source (1)Hey! Pinkgo Girl mask focuses on skin moisturizing, repairing, firming and brightening, containing powerful ingredients that provide skin maximum benefit such as Hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C, aloe extract and Arbutin. Currently there are eight selections available, in two fabric types.

  1. Lace lifting mask: It is literally a “LACE” mask made with nature cotton, comfortable and safe to the skin. It is super stretchable therefore easy to adjust to fit every curve and edge of the face. It has the chin strap hang on ears for face “lifting” effect. The loops over ears keep the mask in place.

Four selections for the lace lifting mask:

  • White Tea & Vitamin C Lace Mask – Repairing and Brightening
  • Herbal Essence Astringent Lace Mask- Tightening Pores, Clarifying and Brightening
  • Brightening White Yogurt Lifting Lace Mask- Repairing, Firming and Brightening
  • Arbutin Brightening Lifting Lace Mask- Brightening and Lightening Dark Spots

Ultra thin microfiber: This mask is ULTRA thin(made from nature apple-pulp fiber), provides optimum comfort and adherence(per  Amazon customer review, “ It didn’t fall even when I was bending forward!”) , and easy for skin to abroad the essence.

Four selections for the thin masks:

  • Marine Hydration Mask- Soothing and Moisturizing
  • Triple HA Seaweed Collagen Moisturizing Mask- Moisturizing, Smoothing and Firming
  • Black Rose Intense Hydration Mask- Intense Moisturizing and Smoothing
  • Papain Brightening & Exfoliating Mask- Exfoliating, Clarifying and Brightening

Both types of fabric allow complete mobility. You are free to continue whatever you are doing while applying their sheet mask.  There is a generous amount of serum in each pack, the remaining can be applied to the neck, arms and legs, or for a second application.

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    I’ve never seen a mask like this one. It’s really amazing! Thank you for sharing.

    Jasmine x

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    I want its! very beautiful review
    have a nice day

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    Wow, that’s amazing. Thx for sharing.
    Happy Friday

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    Interesting product! I love face masks


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    These sound great and the packaging is adorable!


  • Reply December 13, 2014

    Hwei Min

    I cannot buy on amazon from Singapore. Is there anywhere else online I can buy from? Hey! Pinkgo Girl Herbal Essence Astringent Lifting Lace Sheet Mask is super good.

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