Hello Kitty Fashion & Accessories A Big Hit For Women

Some people may scoff and find it ridiculous for adult women to adore Hello Kitty knicknacks but fact is that millions of women worldwide are still fans of the iconic kitten despite their age. With Sanrio producing a large number of accessories like Hello kitty handbags, special edition nail polish colors in collaboration with OPI and even a Hello Kitty Simplehuman mirror there’s obviously a big demand for it. Let’s break down why this cartoon character is so popular with adults.

Hello Kitty Is A Blank Canvas

One of the reasons why HK is so popular is because she lets us project our feelings upon her. Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth because according to Sanrio; that allows her to be anything you want her to be. She can be happy, sad or in between; the interpretation is up to you. Others may interpret her lack of power as not empowering because they argue that having a mouth is important because “it gives you power”. Like art; Hello Kitty is subjective. If you interpret it that way it can be negative. However, those that love her choose to interpret her lack of mouth in a more positive manner.

Hello Kitty Reminds Us Of Our Childhood

Many of us grew up with Hello Kitty as an iconic figure during the 70’s and 80’s as part of our childhood. Reverting back to that era can be sentimental and comforting. For some collecting Hello Kitty can be a way of escaping from the realities of life for a short while and retreating to a happier more innocent place.

She’s A Fashion Powerhouse

Regardless of whether you like it or not, Hello Kitty is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Frequent collaborations such as the Loungefly hand bags, Simplehuman Hello Kitty mirror and Ju-Ju-Be collections sell out fast. For example, We Love Kitty, a Hello Kitty fan site features a myriad of products featuring the popular kitten such as household appliances, bedding, cell phone accessories and more.

It’s Kawaii Or “Cute”

Hello Kitty originated from Japan where “cuteness”  aka “kawaii” is very much in style and nothing spells cuteness more than HK. Her famous red bow and her adorable face appear even “cuter” when adorned with Swarovski crystals or pink colors.

The bottom line is that Hello Kitty fashion is simply a form of expression; for many HK symbolizes  happy times and lightheartedness. It allows us to be innocent and “child-like” in spirit again despite the stresses of daily life. Whether you like it or not, looks like HK is here to stay.

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