Have you noticed the rise in retro hairstyles?


The trend in popular hairstyles can be summed up in one word, RETRO! These type of girls are straight out of the history books of days gone past. We’ve teamed up with Liberty Clinics, a hair replacement company with clinics across the UK, to produce a guide to women’s hairstyles of yesteryear and current years. Which ones do you know and do you rock one of these yourself?

Let’s go BACK

1920’s – The most popular hairstyles can be taken from a variety of decades across the 20th century. One of the most feminine to pop up is the wavy or shingled bob hair style.


This look is characterized by smooth waves originating from the roots of hair into curled under styles. Although it may seem that you can only create this look if you have chin-length hair, this style can be achieved with long hair also. Hollywood hairstylist Ken Paves showed on Oprah how to do this hair style. I have broken it down step-by-step for you.

Hair Accessories have become all the rage again. If you simply don’t have the time or patience to spend on your hair, try a hair flower, or a headband, and you instantly have a great looking hairdo. Many celebrities are using hair flowers these days in their red carpet looks. The headbands that seem to be in fashion are either the wide kind with tails, or the kind with crystals, or jewels embossed on them.

1960’s – The 1960’s bouffant styles have shown up again in big hair that is created by back-combing. While it is not in-vogue to back-comb the entire head making what we call, ‘helmet head’, it is in style to back-comb the top of the head to create height and volume to your style. We combined this style with a Sedu look.

The 1960’s High Ponytail hairstyle is also making a comeback. Add some hoop earrings

AND fake eyelashes for a great evening-out hairdo.

And of course, it would not be the 60’s without a Beehive Hairstyle.

Seventies Hairstyles

1970’s – Variations of popular hairstyles of the 1970’s are back. Hair should be cut so that it is layered down the sides of your face and curled or flicked up and back with a flat iron. This style is similar to the Charlie’s Angels look that you may remember if you were around then.

The seventies were also a decade of long, stick straight hair. Remember the Brady Bunch? Today, this style is made sleek and shiny through the use of the flat iron. They are commonly referred to as Sedu styles. These hairstyles last for the long-haul, and flat irons help women to keep their tresses beautiful for the whole day.


1980’s – 1980’s hairstyles have seen a major surge in men’s hair with the mohawk and spikes. Yet, it is also common to see some softened punk rock styles in women. Instead of the high bangs common in the 80’s, long bangs flowing to one side gently over one eye is quite common. Yet, the most popular expression seen is women coloring their hair in deep shades of brown and black. The term Emo has become a popular way of describing these types of hairstyles.

Further inspiration

Trendy hairstyles are those defined as very fashionable, but marked by faddish appeal. Therefore, the following hairstyles are definitely here today, but they may be gone tomorrow.

Splashes of Vibrant Color – Think this look is only for the young or stage performers? Think again. The model above chose to have dark reddish brown streaks thrown in over her whitish-blonde hair. This is becoming very popular. Splashes of color that are in deep contrast to the all-over head color are becoming the trend. This look can be found in the high schools as well as the board rooms. Whether you are conservative or more free, this look is being pulled off by women of all ages, backgrounds and social positioning. Whether it will be a socially acceptable hairdo for all tomorrow…I’m not so sure.

Hair Extensions Having problems growing your hair long? Or do you just want it long for a few months? Try Hothair – Hair Extensions . Hair extensions and hair pieces with vibrant and contrasting colors are also the latest.

Asymmetrical Bobs – Bobs are the hottest haircuts – especially those that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. Additionally, bobs look great on most women except for those with extremely round faces or square jaw lines. Hair length that stops at the chin can make the face look wider – square and round faces don’t need the extra width.

Flips and wings made with your blow dryer or flat iron. It is very hip to see hair that is flipped out and up and held in place with some product. This can be done with very short styles to very long, creating a 1970’s-winged look. For directions on how to use your flat-iron to create “wings” click Flipped-up Seventies Hairstyle.

Scene Haircuts – I also refer to these as “Emo” haircuts. They are characterized by asymmetrical lengths and lots of 1980’s reminiscent “spikes”. I have to caution, though. These hairstyles are very damaging to do on a daily basis as they require lots of teasing (back-combing). Also, because of the extreme individuality displayed through these trendy hairstyles, one may not be taken too seriously in their professional life.

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