Have the Kids Managed to Break a Window? Don’t Delay and Take These 5 Steps Immediately

window breaks

Modern technology has made it possible for window manufacturers to create larger windows with strong, light frames. Those windows allow more light into homes and create better outdoor views. However, even the highest-quality styles include panes of glass that can be shattered and become hazards. In fact, bigger panes are more dangerous than smaller ones if they are damaged. That can create serious issues when children throw baseballs and other objects through the glass, causing it to shatter. Quick action is required to avoid injuries and keep homes comfortable after this type of incident. It’s important to cordon off the area, cover the window, clean up debris, and make repairs as soon as possible.

1) Make Sure You Know the Reason for a Break

If the kids come running into the house immediately after glass shatters, it is a pretty safe bet they threw something that caused the damage. That is usually an isolated incident and poses no additional threat. If your home includes Safety Glass Windows, the chances of injuries are also reduced. However, it is wise to investigate every incident because some flying objects create threats of their own. For example, a falling tree branch can break glass and damage other property. 

2) Block off the Affected Area

It is important that a room with a broken window is blocked off from the rest of the house. The quickest way to do that is to shut the door to the area. You should let every adult in the home know space is off-limits and advise them to keep kids and pets out. That is especially important if the window is easily accessible. According to Stanford Children’s Health, twelve children under ten die each year when they fall from windows. When you add the danger of cuts, a damaged window can quickly create a disaster.

3) Clean up Glass and Debris

Remove all debris as quickly as possible. It is essential to wear gloves and pick up pieces of glass carefully. If windows include safety film, they will typically break into big shards that are relatively easy to handle. Standard glass tends to splinter, making it much more difficult to clean up. Put pieces in a double-layered plastic bag and then vacuum the area to remove the remaining smaller pieces.

4) Cover the Window Opening

The window should be covered as soon as possible to protect your home. Heated and cooled air will quickly escape through the opening, and that will increase energy costs. It might begin to rain, which could easily cause expensive water damage to flooring, furniture, and building materials.

5) Determine Whether You Need Professional Help

Homeowners who are adept at DIY repairs might consider replacing a broken pane. According to the home site The Spruce, it is fairly simple to replace the single-pane glass. However, modern styles are often multi-paned or impact resistant. There may also be additional damage to a sash, and poor repair could lead to leaks or foggy glass. In most cases, it is wisest to call professionals who can safely and quickly replace the glass or entire windows. It’s best to shop around as there are many companies out there, for example you may wish to consider Denver’s top rated window companyor a similar company in your area, to repair or replace completely the damaged windows.

When a home window breaks, it is important to determine the cause, cordon off the room, quickly clean up glass, and cover the window. Homeowners also need to decide whether they can repair damages themselves or need the help of experts.


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