Have an interview? Here are the best clothes to wear!


Have you ever been nervous about your shirt not looking right for an interview? Or found yourself wondering whether to go with blue or black? Well, we figured it is time to get the answers. So we caught up with Paras, recruitment head of leading recruitment consultancy, Primo Hiring Solutions, to spill the beans on the best fashion choices when it comes to cracking interviews. Primo Hiring Solutions works with startups, multinationals and conglomerates across India, particularly in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, to help them find genuinely skilled and culturally fit employees.

So the first question we asked was if dressing really mattered when their team interviewed candidates. Can you actually dress for success? According to Paras, a person’s sense of comfort with who they are and what they look like sends a really powerful message to the interviewer. Around the world, people do judge products and even other individuals by their appearance and while it may seem unjustified since it is not based on proper evidence, looking the part is a nonverbal advantage that most successful interviewees know how to exploit. In fact, it has been shown in various studies, how dressing up in business formals can improve your negotiation skills, shoot up your testosterone levels and increase your abstract thinking power.

That said, it is definitely not wise to loan a fortune just to dress up right or forget about important things like the skills you need to develop to qualify for the position but investing in the right set of clothes is sure to make a difference.

So what are the right clothes to pick? “Tailored jackets or suits are a must, and shirts in shades of blue that are sleek and close always work. Also, a tie for men and heels for women can give you the finish you are looking for,” he says. But remember to keep it subtle and not make everyone in the room uncomfortable.

Finally, we asked whether his vast experience with assisting recruitment, has made him come up with a golden rule for fashion that he can extend to our readers. Paras says that one of the most important things to keep in mind while getting ready for an interview is the culture of the company. Hiring managers are always on the lookout for whether a candidate will blend in with the company and taking the effort to dress up in a crisp and clean fashion, in accordance to what you want to be perceived as will always be appreciated by interviewers.

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