Happiness Boutique timeless jewelry with a vintage touch


We aspire to spread happiness and good vibes, and to build a soulful brand.

These days we rush from one place to another without really being mindful, we are just too busy. That is why I felt so inspired by the Happiness Boutique. Their line of jewelry is modern with a vintage touch and their philosophy is to bring a positive vibe.

Happiness Boutique’s purpose is to spread happiness everyday something we can all resonate with. When we go from one occasion to the next it’s easy to forget to appreciate things around us and to make conscious decisions that make us happy. Jet it is so important to live an authentic life that makes us happy. Their line of jewelry is elegant and playful, and no matter if you like statement pieces, minimalist jewelry, glamorous or bohemian you will find it in their store.

Happiness boutique offers worldwide free shipping and their jewelry is of great quality and affordable. Also check out their customer reward program I’m a big fan of statement jewelry the bolder the better! But also like a feminine, vintage style. So I decided to go for these statement earrings and necklace. They combine perfectly with a touch of pink, pearls, diamonds and stones that reflect nice in lighting. How do you combine your jewelry? Let me  know what you think of this look.

Pearl and diamond statement necklace 

Crystal frost statement earrings with marble design


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