Hands-Free Chic: Mastering the Trendy World of Crossbody Bags

Nowadays everyone is on the go. You’ve got to get to the office, happy hour, a movie, and back home all while toting around everything you need in a day. And if you’re in a big city, you need to be able to do all of this while making train, bus, and tram transfers.

So what’s the best way to combine functionality with fashion and transition seamlessly to every part of your day? The crossbody bag is a fantastic way to carry along everything you need while also staying on trend.

The Different Types of Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are not a one-size-fits-all situation. There are so many different styles and sizes of bags depending on your wants and needs. Crossbody purses can be one of the most versatile and stylish purses you can carry with you.

For The One Who Carries Everything

When you have a million stops to make in a day, you need something that will be durable and can stand up to the demands of your day. With a genuine leather crossbody bag, you can carry along whatever you need for the day in style. Choosing a tough fabric, like genuine leather, strong canvas, or quality wicker, will make your bag able to stand up to the challenges of everything you need to carry.

When you need to carry a lot, opt for something with compartments and plenty of space. When you carry a lot, the crossbody design allows you to distribute the weight of the bag much easier.

For The One Who Carries Nothing

Maybe you’re a minimalist and you don’t want to be weighed down by any extra baggage, but you also want the convenience of a crossbody. There are so many different types of crossbody bags, and there is one for you.

A smaller crossbody or sling bag can be a fashion statement in and of itself. You can choose to match the colors and fabric of your outfit for a cohesive look or make your crossbody bag a fashion statement and go for a bright pop of color.

For The One With Varied Needs


So, you have work during the day, drinks after, then dinner, and then you are going to meet your friends at that place. Isn’t that place always so crowded and never has anywhere to stow your stuff? What do you do in this situation?

Opting for a bag that can change as your day does can be easy. There are plenty of bags with adjustable straps that can take a purse from being a clutch to a shoulder bag to a crossbody, so you won’t have to worry about where to put your purse wherever you go.

Whatever you use it for, a crossbody bag can be an ideal companion on any journey. But how exactly should you style it for these occasions? There are many different ways you can make a crossbody bag into a more integral part of your outfit.

How To Style Your Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags can be a fashion statement, and all the latest trends echo into the purse market. Some people think of a bag as being a final thought, something to be thrown on before you head out the door. But have you ever considered planning an outfit around your bag? Sometimes when you are lacking inspiration, starting with the smallest element of an outfit can help you think outside the box.

Pop of Color

Do you mostly dress in neutrals? When you open your closet, do you see a sea of grays, blacks, and whites? Unsure how exactly to incorporate color into your wardrobe? Start with a statement bag. A brightly-colored bag slung across your body instantly adds a bright swipe of color to any outfit. And with a wardrobe full of neutrals, you’ll always be able to grab something that will complement what you wear and give you a bright pop.

Incorporate It Into Your Neckline

A crossbody bag may not seem like the ideal addition to an outfit with a defined neckline. But when you take the design of the bag and the cut of the top into account, you can suddenly make a fashion statement. Say you have a chic button-up blouse. A crossbody bag with a gold chain gives the same effect as a fashionable necklace. Play with asymmetrical hems and necklines and lay your crossbody bag parallel to them. The possibilities are endless.

Cool Casual Aesthetic

crossbody bags


Practicality is cool now. Have you ever seen someone wearing a fanny pack? Do you associate it with lame tourists? Well, a sling crossbody bag is the cool cousin to the fanny pack. Who wears a sling crossbody bag? She’s a rock climber, or knows the coolest new brewery in town. She always looks like she just threw herself together and is perfectly curated at the same time. Whether she’s at the farmer’s market or at a show for the best band you’ve never heard of, this girl has everything she needs in her crossbody sling bag.

Styling a crossbody bag doesn’t have a limit. There are so many possibilities when it comes to these bags. Whether you’re a glamor girl or someone more crunchy granola, you can always grab the convenience and style of a crossbody bag.

Why Crossbody Over Another Bag?

You could always sport a more traditional shoulder bag or a clutch. But a crossbody bag is going to be the most versatile bag in your collection. No other bag can straddle the line of practical and stylish quite like a crossbody bag can. When you want style and function, there is no better choice.

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