HairZing Review: transform any bad hair day into a stunning hairstyle

Whenever I have a bad hair day I tie my hair in a knot or braid simply because this is the easiest and fastest way to deal with. But recently I discovered something that will turn any bad hair day into a stunning hair transformation. The product I’m talking about is HairZing I was curious to try it out. With the HairZing you can gather your hair in any desired hairstyle in less then a minute. If you are in a rush for work or appointments and still want to look fashionable you will love this product.

It FullSizeRender_1comes in different shapes, sizes and materials, it does not matter if you have curly, thick or thin hair they have a HairZing for all types of hair. The beads are stunning and you can match it with your favorite outfit since they have multiple styles and colors to choose from.

In the beginning I had to try  it a couple times before I understood how it worked but after 2 times I was able to do it in a minute. Check out the step by step tutorials on the website. I tried the metal Hairzing and decided to do an Half up Half down hairstyle. Read the tutorial if you want to try out this hairstyle:

1. Gather the top half of your hair in your left hand
2. Slide the right comb of your HairZing back from your ear.
3. Holding the comb and your hair with your right hand, stretch the left comb across and slide it in to secure.


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