Hair transformation with human hair extensions from BestHairStore

human hair extensions

I recently had to cut my long hair because my hair was brittle and had dry ends. I tried to use serums, hair oils and hair masks but nothing helped. From argan oil to coconut oil and other hair serums. So I had to cut my long locks. After the hairstylist cut my hair I felt my hair was super short. The reality is it will take at least a year before it’s long again so I decided to use some clip in hair extensions instead from BestHairStore.


Results with human hair extensions

I decided to go for clip in hair extensions with highlights you can get them here. I’m very pleased with the results. The clip ins are 100% real human hair extensions you can also see the highlights which gives a very natural and full effect. What I like about these clip in extensions is that you can take them off anytime. In comparison with glued extensions that you can only wear a couple months. These 100% human hair extensions will last for a long time.

human hair extensions, clip in extensions


Keeps your hair healthy

Another benefit from clip in hair extensions is that your hair will stay healthy. So if you want to grow your own hair longer you can wear these human hair extensions in the mean while. You don’t have to wear them all the time and you can style them the way you want to. I added some waves in my hair for a glamorous effect.

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