Hair Thickening Secrets You Always Wanted To Know


Many of us dream about having thick, luscious hair. For those among us who are already blessed with it, it can be very easy to unknowingly take it for granted. Unless you have thin hair yourself, you will probably find it hard to empathize – but very thin hair can be a cause of much distress and embarrassment among many women. After all, we are constantly bombarded by images in the media of celebrity women with stunning, bouncy lock, with not a wisp or a thinning patch in sight. Of course, most famous people have access to some of the very best hair stylists who can take even the most limp looking head of hair and turn it into something really special. Most of us, however, regrettably don’t have this luxury, and therefore it is down to us to do something about it if we are not happy with our hair. ou don’t need to fret though as a lot of sites actually feature the best and affordable hair care products review. You can visit if you want to check out more hair care products well suited for your hair type. So what exactly IS the secret behind thicker, more voluminous hair? Read on to find out.

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Thickening shampoo

On your journey towards thicker hair it is best to start with the basics. You might not know it, but your shower products could be part of the reason behind why your hair appears thin. Any shampoos and conditioners that are overly oily can make your hair ‘piecey’, which in turn can make it look lank and sparse. Opt instead for shampoos and conditioners that have thickening agents in them. These types of products tend to be light so that they don’t weigh your hair down, which is what helps to give it that elevated, bouncy feel. You could also turn to the various shampoos on the market which claim to promote hair growth, but be aware that some of them can leave your hair feeling excessively dry.

Wigs and hairpieces

If thickening shampoos aren’t really an option for you, or if you just want to guarantee yourself some old school Hollywood glamour, why not consider wearing a wig or a hairpiece? Companies such as have a huge variety of wigs that are suitable for everyday wear as well as occasionwear. Many people think of wigs as a solution for those of us who want longer hair, but actually, your wig can be whatever length you like. Whether you go for real human hair or a synthetic wig, you can be sure that you will end up with something gorgeously thick and luxurious looking.

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Stay healthy

There are plenty of external things you can do to your hair to help thicken it, but if you want to make a long-lasting change, it can often be best to start from the inside. Upping the amount of protein in your diet can make a huge difference to the quality of your hair, as this compound can help to strengthen hair and make it shiny. Omega-3 fatty acids also play a vital role in hair growth, so make sure you are eating plenty of oily fish and green leafy vegetables too.

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