Hair Removal Epilator: For Smoother, Long-Lasting Skin


Hair removing can be a messy and tedious process. There are many methods available ranging from razors to hair removal creams and hot wax. However, all of the methods except waxing do not uproot the hair from its roots. This causes hair to grow back immediately and you end up losing the smooth skin within a couple of days of undergoing the routine.

The electronic epilator is the perfect solution to this dilemma. Similar to waxing, an epilator removes hair particles from its follicles resulting in a longer lasting smooth skin. This is less messy and takes no effort as compared to waxing and the regrowth period is much lesser as well. It can remove hair up to 0.02 inches tall and hence you can use the epilator as often as required.

How to choose an epilator

There a lot of advantages to using an epilator over other methods of hair removal. However, choosing the best available epilator within your budget can get confusing. There are a few key features you can use to compare and select what will suit you best. It is essential to compare the number of tweezers in an epilator to know how effective it can be.

On an average, this device has 40-60 tweezers. The more they are, the faster and easier you can get done with the routine. Most epilators have two conditions on which they work best- Wet or dry. This is a matter of preference and you can choose the wet one if you are comfortable epilating after a shower and the dry option if you want to do it before.

It is integral to take care of where the device is used as each skin has different levels of sensitivity. Using a regular epilator in the underarm region and bikini area will be hard to maneuver due to the size and number of tweezers.

Epilators usually come with a few extra fittings that are similar to caps, which can help you use the same epilator with lesser intensity on the sensitive area. It is ideal to get an epilator with an assortment of fittings to ensure safe usage such as the Braun hair removal epilator. Similarly, the face skin is ultra sensitive and it is recommended to use a separate and smaller one for the facial skin.

Precautions and preparations to take before using an epilator

Using an epilator is an easy task but painful, like all hair removal methods. However, there are a few precautions to take before epilating, to ensure you have a more effective and less painful process. These involve exfoliating the skin beforehand and preparing the skin for the apt condition of dry or wet depending on your epilator.

A warm bath beforehand is also recommended to open up your pores and reduce the stinging sensation. A post epilation treatment with ice and a cooling gel is also recommended to cool off your skin and relieve yourself from the routine. It is also advisable to exfoliate a few days after epilating to prevent any ingrown hairs.


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