J-Billingslea Hair protector made of 100% silk


Hand sewn 100% Hair Protectors™ are made to protect your hair and designed to easily slip on and off

When you walk down the street you won’t notice that a lot of people are wearing a wig or hairpiece. Wigs and hairpieces are used by more people than you probably know. They are not only the most convenient solution for anyone with a serious hair problem or for those with an occasional ‘bad hair day’, but it is also a useful tool for the modern woman with a busy schedule. Within 3 minutes you are ready for that appointment or event! A lot of models, stars, actors and presenters change their hairdo to fit in any occasion and to make sure they always look good.

Sometimes a wig might not look real this is due to the care and precision when you put on your wig. Setting up a wig does require some practice so take your time to put on your wig properly. If you wear a wig a lot of people use a nylon cap. Unfortunately the nylon caps are not healthy for the hair. They generally rub (particularly black hair) out after wearing them for an extended period of time. And whenever you wear a wig, turban or hat your head and your hair might get damaged. Some women even shave their head when recovering for chemotherapy for example but this is not really necessary with a J-Billingslea Hair Protector you can easily disguise it.

The J-Billingslea Hair Protectors come in two versions and are designed to protect your hair and scalp:

Hair Protector™ – fits easily under wool hats, skullcaps, helmets and more. Silk and satin are soft on your hair, which reduces friction and breakage.

Hair Protector™  lite– which replaces circulation restricting nylon stocking caps for those who wear wigs and hair pieces, or those recovering from chemotherapy

The hair protectors are made of silk so your hair will stay in the best condition. The stretch in the cap is evenly distributed to make sure you won’t get a headache and its comfortable to wear all day! They come in different colors from tan, to light brown and black so it will match with your own skin tone.




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