Groundbreaking Off-Duty Model Trends


For quite some time now, we’ve been a part of this new, digital era that brings us closer to the world of high fashion and turns supermodels into omnipresent trend-setters. Shaping the future of style, these ladies and gents represent a whole new generation of young trailblazers, who dominate social media, as much as they do the catwalks of worldwide fashion shows.

It seems that the prevailing 2017 vibe we have seen thus far has a raw, urban voice, the one that says – go rogue. So what do they have in store for us for the upcoming season? Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends taking the world by storm.

Bomber is Back


Unlike the last few years’ normcore and techwear craze, we are now seeing the return of garments such as the puffer and the bomber jackets. These items are worn with pride by some of the rising names in the industry, like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, whose popularity only seems to grow each day. Flaunting their fresh look away from the runway, these ladies show us what it means to wear your attitude.

Even when they are not getting ready for a new fashion show, they demonstrate how you can turn your old jacket and torn jeans into a statement outfit, especially if you can pick up a few tricks of the trade straight from the masters themselves. Why not mix it up with a swanky pair of earrings or a designer handbag?

There’s more to it than just the baggy, cozy shapes, otherwise it would be just a rip-off with no original quality. You can also see the nineties’ influence in the intense golden and metallic glam glow of these jackets, combined with other streetwear items and fashionable details like aviator sunglasses. It’s a true revival of the street spirit, with an unmistakable touch of prestige.

Restless and Playful Details


Even though most of the media attention goes to the admittedly glamorous streetwear with avant-garde features, the hottest fashion news out there are brimming with equally popular hairdo, jewelry and makeup ideas from supermodels who are leading us into a new fashion era.

Together with bold and careless clothes, we have a surge of swirly, simple buns, and edgy, geometrical shapes in jewelry, along with retro and futuristic accessories such as sunglasses, giving your look a whole new dimension.

Plain, punk chokers, bohemian loose braids and minimalistic, asymmetrical and curvy earrings can all play a role in creating this year’s punchy, sporty look. It’s obvious that their abundant presence in social media allows us a sneak peek at how we can transfer their expertise and wear sincerity and confidence with a fresh twist.

Streetwear with an Edge


Grey hoodies, striped tracksuits, and sweatpants are also making a huge comeback, this time with a touch of luxury added to the originally urban, rebellious core. At first glance, this might seem like an odd mix, but Bella Hadid would once again prove us wrong.

The latest bold approach that combines a comfortable, simple hoodie with stylish footwear or a classy accessory is yet another way young supermodels are (quite literally) bringing fashion back to the streets. That is why brands such as vibrant Supreme and Gosha Rubchinskiy are gaining popularity among the young fashionistas of the world.

At first glance, these outfits can seem plain, casual and seen many times before, but the devil truly is in the detail. Like the Adidas’ Yeezy luxe trainers, many other brands are taking the hint and applying a daring, futuristic shape to the well-known urban design.

So what is our key takeaway? The attitude to wear this year will certainly be empowerment, nonconformist elegance and raw freedom. Reflected in seemingly casual clothes that no longer serve to merely emphasize your physique, these refreshing outfits serve to represent your unique mindset. And, as we’ve been shown by some of the brightest fashion stars of today, these styles are meant to be worn with pleasure and pride.

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