Groove Environment

Groove Entertainment

A night of funk and soul and disco inspired good times wouldn’t be complete without Groove Environment. With an eclectic mix of songs to choose from any wedding with this band attached to preform is sure to be a night to remember. Groove Environment splits the lead between a male and female vocalist generating the most in available song selection spanning an extraordinary five decades of memorable tunes. Within this two-hour set of live music the dance floor is sure to see a rug cut to shreds with quick stepping beats everyone can enjoy. earcandy provides an excellent video sample for the ultimate in viewing pleasure to get an idea on the bands up-tempo abilities.

From the standard four-piece vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, to the five-piece vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, to the expanded six and seven piece band complete with a brass section, two vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums and a sound engineer thrown in for good measure, this customizable compilation of hand-picked musicians kicks the ceremonial festivities to new heights.

Act bookings are subject to availability and Terms of Conditions so consulting Entertainment Co-ordinator is a must to guarantee a night of happiness with songs like Blues Brother’s Soul Man, Tom Jones’ Knock on Wood, The Temptations My Girl, The Commitments Mustang Sally, Kool & the Gang’s Celebration, The Tramps’ Disco Inferno, and many, many more.

The review section of the site is full of satisfied customers who’ve had the opportunity to hear first hand how amazing this band is and felt the need to share their experience with the world.  They are a fully insured, fully functional, fully equipped band fully capable to send any ecstatic couple off towards wedding bliss. When the wedding bells ring and Groove Environment does their thing the honeymoon will start the second the band mics up and won’t stop until the happy honeys are over the moon with joy.

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