Green small common sense



1, save water

Turn off the tap at any time, don’t let the water flow; see the faucet must tighten it. Try to use two times of water. For example, rice or vegetables in the water can water the flowers; wash and water after washing can be left to mop the floor, the toilet. If a large capacity your home toilet, can put a coke bottle filled with water in the water tank, you this small action each time can save 1.25 liters of water.

2, use less detergent

Most of the detergent is a chemical product, will pollute the water. Wash dishes if too much greasy, first residual fatty drained, then hot soup or hot soapy water cleaning, so as not to let too much oil into the water. Dark greasy kitchen utensils can also be used to heat water to clean the soda.

3, saving electricity

Turn off the lights, the use of electrical appliances, use less air conditioning to reduce the warm earth turn a force; don’t let the TV for a long time in the standby state, only remote shutdown, actually did not completely cut off the power. Each color TV standby state consumes about 1.2 watts / hour; the use of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps, although the price is high, it is better than standard lights to save electricity. With warm water, hot water cooking, it can save 30% of electricity.

4, traffic tools

Travel as far as possible to choose the bus, subway, bicycle, less driving, reduce exhaust emissions; people who have private cars as far as possible the use of lead-free gasoline, because lead will seriously harm human health and intelligence.

5, buy green food

Many vegetables and fruits have been sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers, and a lot of food using the additive. Such food can be hazardous to health and intelligence. So, to choose not to apply pesticides, fertilizers, fresh fruits and vegetables, eat less food containing preservatives and prepared food, diet and beverage with pigment and additive. Or look for the “green food” to buy food for.

6, the selection of nonphosphorus washing powder

Phosphorus-containing washing powder into water, water can cause algal blooms, the oxygen content in the water decreased, water natural death due to hypoxia. The water has become stagnant water, foul water.

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