Greatest Tips for Looking Fashionable Without Splashing the Cash

There’s no denying that everyone loves to go shopping, and why wouldn’t they? Everyone wears clothes, but wouldn’t it be great if you could look fantastic without splashing a massive amount of money? It takes skill to appear fashionable and try as you might if you’re not committed to looking the best, you won’t manage to look great.

If you’ve been looking for great tips to look fashionable without spending a bucketload of money, you have come to the right place. We’re going to be sharing some of the best tips for getting the fashion wardrobe you desire, without breaking your budget. So, here it goes:

Know Your Fashion Style

Picture this: you only have $100 a month to spend on clothes. So, do you spend that money on $10 tops from Target or do you get a lovely branded sweater? Both options are good for you. Even though most people would prefer spending money on an expensive top that looks good on them, they’ll end up buying inexpensive clothes, since they’ll come across them while shopping.

You could also be the person that really loves designer pieces but doesn’t want to buy them because they’re too expensive. To really save money when out shopping, you should know what your fashion style is and then stay disciplined enough to only buy what you need.

Review Everything You Have

Most people are hoarders, and they will continue accumulating and holding onto things without using them or wearing them. If you’re trying to be fashionable, you must take time out to fix your closet so that you have an idea about everything you have. Once you’ve decided how your wardrobe is going to look, you need to go out and find stuff that matches your vision.

Try on everything in your wardrobe and put all the clothes you don’t like in a big pile to give them away. This will create more space in your closet, and you’ll get a better idea of what kind of clothes you like, and what type you want in your wardrobe.

Sell or Trade Your Clothes

If you’ve got a lot of nice things that you no longer use or wear, you should consider selling them. This means auctioning off your shoes, clothes, purses, and basically anything that you don’t need and can get a fair price for you. By selling and trading stuff you don’t want, you’ll end up making a decent amount of money along with space in your wardrobe.

Shop for the Classics

You should create a list of the fashion items that you want in your ideal wardrobe. Having a smaller closet with quality clothes that fit you is way better than having a large closet that is filled with old, cheap, and ill-fitting clothes. If you want help on what you should buy, the best advice is to stick with the classic items and go with the trends. For instance, a woman might find a gorgeous black dress a classic, and the trend will be statement earrings and an infinity scarf.

A guy, on the other hand, may prefer a pair of great fitting pants with a no-wrinkle shirt that is matched with a bow tie embellishment or vest. Your style will determine your classic look, but classics are generally items that you’ll be wearing all the time. Items that will last for more than a thousand washes are great since they can pull your closet together.

An all-time classic is a quality pair of skinny jeans, darker the better. You can wear it for both a night out and a relaxed get-together with friends. Another classic is the brown leather knee boots that can be worn in any weather; pair them up with bucket tote handbags. The best way to be fashionable is to spend less money and buy fewer things, which means scaling down and only focusing on the things you love. You may still struggle to find the right clothes for you, but you should look at different colors to find clothes you can coordinate within your wardrobe.

Maintain Your Budget

The first thing about living is setting a limit on the amount of money that you can spend. You should set a spending goal every month so that you can manage your living expenses. How much have you managed to save? Is it $500, $50, or $100? You should keep that money with you to spend on clothes when you go shopping. If you want more money for accessories and clothes, eat out less or get rid of your cable subscription.

Don’t Shop Online A Lot

If you’re really trying to look fashionable, you should shop more from stores instead of shopping online. Fashion websites have great deals and people who know their sizes will make it work for them. However, once you’ve paid for shipping, you’ll have to pay further for returning the items if they don’t fit or aren’t like the items you saw in the pictures online. This means you’re spending money on unnecessary things.

Online shopping is great for accessories, like scarves, purses, and for brands that you know are going to fit you, since you’ve worn them before. You should also check for the option to return clothes to a local store, and for free shipping.

Go Shopping

When the urge hits you, it’s time that you take out your list and start shopping. This means getting basic items like a black tank or white top and going to Kohls, Target, and other mid-priced stores. You should go for big sales if you’re looking for specialty items, and always check the clearance rack. Shopping at regular shopping stores isn’t going to work out for you always, but you’ll manage to find a lot of great things if you check often. So, take some chances and go shopping at some thrift stores near your home, since you never know what you might find that you’ll like.

Go with Your Friends

If you’re a compulsive shopper that can’t be stopped when out shopping and you’re tempted to overspend at every chance you get, you should take someone with you who can control you. Taking a shopping buddy with you is a good idea since they can hold you accountable. Avoid going out with friends who make you spend a lot of money.

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