Great ways to make your business more sustainable

Greening your business is not only good for the environment, it can also boost sales. After all, consumers are increasingly better informed about the environmental impact of human activities. By incorporating eco-friendly practices into your business, you help both the bottom line and the environment. Keep in mind that your efforts to make your business more sustainable have to be as real as you advertise it.

  1. Green electricity

One of the most effective ways to achieve less CO2 emissions is to switch to green electricity. This can be done at home, but also at your company location.

Generate yourself – The best known and most accessible way is by means of solar panels. Other possibilities include generating windmills, biomass and hydropower.

Purchasing – You do this with energy suppliers that offer green electricity.

  1. Conscious with electrical appliances and light

In addition to using the right kind of energy, you can also ensure that you do not waste energy. You do this by consciously and sparingly with electrical appliances and light. Turn off computers and other devices when not in use. Turn off screens when you are not using them temporarily. Replace incandescent bulbs with long-lasting LED bulbs. Do not turn on the lights everywhere, but only in places where work is actually being done.

  1. Separate and recycle

Facilitate options for separation and recycling. For example, place special waste bins for paper and plastic. A tip is to place the bins in different places in the office. This way you make it easy for employees to participate. While many of us like to think we’re good at recycling and composting, the fact is that we’re still producing more waste than ever. Helping the environment by reducing waste and recycling cardboard means overcoming our addiction to disposable and single-use products.  

  1. Sustainable coffee and tea

Whether in the office or any other work environment, coffee is popular everywhere. Many companies drink so much coffee that a conscious choice can have a major impact. Get cups of biodegradable material for guests and employees to drink from their own mug.

  1. Responsible printing

For many companies it is still too big a step to have all communication run digitally. Yet it is a small effort to be more aware of paper and ink. Print on both sides and only when absolutely necessary. Only use recycled paper or print paper with an FSC label. You can optimize waste management by using eco-font and use recycled packaging.

For example Shopify has taken many steps to build a sustainable company, including becoming carbon neutral. They choose renewable energy to heat and power their operations. To create a successful e-commerce business Shopify Agency can help you to communicate effectively to your target audience. In addition to all these, they would also care about the images, logos and design on your site.

  1. Decorate with plants

Plants are a sustainable way to brighten up your office and improve air quality. Moreover, research shows that the presence of plants can increase productivity by as much as 15%.

  1. Invest in good insulation

Are you planning to make a major sustainability investment on your business premises? Then choose insulation. Keep the cold out and the heat in. Good insulation ensures that you need to use less energy to keep your business premises at a pleasant temperature. A poorly insulated building can use up to four times as much energy!

      8. Encourage cycling and public transport

Although working from home is becoming increasingly popular, many companies still like to see their employees meet in one location. To get these people together, they will have to transport themselves. Walking or cycling is the most sustainable and the fuel car is the most harmful to the environment. Therefore, ask your employees to come by bicycle or by public transport. Encourage this by providing public transport or bicycle subscriptions or making it financially attractive in some other way

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