Great Fall Fashion Ideas on a Student Budget

fall fashion

The days you are at college are a special time of your life that you’ll most likely remember forever. Being young, it’s natural that you’ll want to look your best and be fashionable when you’re at college, however unless you’ve been blessed with a large income, you might find that spending money on fashion isn’t possible most of the time if you want food to eat. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can still look right on trend if you’re studying at Tribeca Flashpoint College, Penn State, Julliard, or even your local community college, by adjusting the way you shop and being a thriftier spender. Read on for our top tips on staying at the forefront of fashion this fall.

Develop a Style

Instead of splashing out and spending on all the latest fashion gear just because your favorite celebrities have it, it’s better to develop your own style. This way, when you’re considering buying a new fashion item, you can ask yourself honestly whether or not it will fit with your style of fashion and clothing. Many items you will find will probably not, and you’ll save money as a result. Have you ever spent lots of money on a fashion item just to find that you’ve got nothing to wear it with? If you develop one – or two – particular fashion styles, you won’t have this problem.

Define Your Budget

Before you set off on a fall shopping spree, it’s important that you have a good budget in mind for how much you’re willing to spend on new items of clothing for the season. Since you’re a student you’re already probably quite good at budgeting – after all, you have a limited amount that needs to be spent on rent and food. Apply the same budgeting techniques to your fashion shopping. Even better, when out shopping only take the exact amount of cash that you’re willing to spend – this way, you won’t be tempted to spend more.

Discount and Thrift Shopping

The idea of thrift shopping or preloved clothes shopping may not be one that appeals to you, but the actual fact is that you can get some real bargains by shopping this way. If you visit a thrift store, more often than not you will find that there are lots of items that have been given away having never been worn and still with the original tags from the first store. Online selling and auction sites such as eBay are also great places to find decent fashion.

Choose Unbranded

Although it’s nice to have a brand logo or name on your clothes and accessories, you should ask yourself do you really need everything that you wear to have a brand? If you can get a pair of jeans for half the price simply because they don’t have a small logo on the pocket, it will do your bank account a favor to just buy those instead. Branded doesn’t always mean better quality – there are many clothing companies that produce high quality, unbranded stuff.

If you’ve got any more fall fashion tips for students, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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