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Bargain shoppers have the reputation of being hunters, They aren’t afraid to go through racks upon racks and bins on bins to find a great item. These bargain shoppers are always on the hunt for great finds and will search high and low for them. One thing bargain hunters don’t have is the convenience and luxury of shopping online, and the uncertainty of if and when they will find their next hidden treasure. This uncertainty somehow fuels the fire for a bargain shopper and the chance of finding something great at a fraction of the costs is what brings them out to the next store, outlet, etc.

Simone Sato is the perfect medium for a bargain hunter and offers them an opportunity to get great deals from the comfort of their own homes. Simone Sato is based in Los Angeles and offers luxury consignment items in their online boutique. Designers from Chanel, Balmain, Hermes, and much more have graced the digital shelves of Simone Sato’s online boutique. How did this store get all these great finds to sell to the everyday It-Girl and fashionista at a fraction of the cost you may ask? Owner and creator, Simone Sato, has the awesome privilege of shopping in the closets of entertainment and Hollywood royalty. So not only are buyers getting high-end designer items, but they are also getting items that are sometimes rare and gifted to famous celebrities.  Follow these tips of how to shop luxury consignment to get your best deals from Simone Sato’s online boutique.

Consignment is rapidly gaining momentum on the west coast, especially in the Los Angeles area. Due to the close proximity of celebrities and public figures Los Angeles has been a central location for consignment success. The fact that most consignment stores, including Simone Sato, have online stores as well as items in showrooms enables great deals and items can be bought all from across the nation.

Simone Sato and other consignment boutiques also provide vintage materials. Because most items are new or gently used second-hand items, and some of them can be rare items from older collections. One consignment store had a rare dress created for Hollywood legend and starlet Marilyn Monroe. Simone Sato has a similar story of having in their possession an exclusive denim jumpsuit that was worn by a top supermodel. In regular retail stores, this jumpsuit had a humongous waiting list but could have easily been purchased through Simone Sato’s online boutique.

The thrill of finding these type of unique items will still create the sensation of accomplishment that comes with hunting for deals. With online luxury consignment stores the hunt just got a whole lot easier and a tad bit more rewarding. Bargain hunters can finally rest when businesses like Simone Sato are on the rise.

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