Going Green In The Bedroom Doesn’t Just Mean Painting The Walls

Your bedroom is the place you relax. It’s where you go to feel comfortable and safe. You might not want to think, then, about the effect your bedroom has upon the planet. How can you relax with the fate of the planet on your shoulders? It’s important to think about the ecological impact of any room in your home. And your bedroom needs special attention. Your bedroom should be a serene space so that you get the most of your time there. This often means that you crank up the heating, and stock up on furniture with unethical sources. But, how can you solve the problem? These green tips should give you some idea how.


It’s important to think of the environment when buying your bedroom furniture. In this sense, the bedroom is no different from any other room in your home. Even so, because of the size of bedroom furniture, it’s even more important that you get it right. The majority of bedroom furniture contains wood. The environmental impact of this should be obvious. Make sure no trees are harmed in the making of your room by buying furniture made from natural resources. Furniture made from materials such as bamboo is much better for the environment. Bamboo grows much faster than trees. It also looks fantastic! Or, you could buy recycled furniture. Visit second-hand stores and see if you can find anything that would suit your bedroom. If you can’t find anything in a store, try searching online. There are some fantastic second-hand pieces out there, be patient as you search for them!

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We all want to be warm when we’re in bed. That’s fair enough. Even so, cranking up the heating results in damage to the environment, as well as expensive bills for you. Instead of turning on the heat in your new bedroom, take steps to keep warm in other ways. Use this an excuse to buy yourself some fantastic new blankets. Draping a blanket over your bed will make a huge difference in the amount of warmth you keep. Think, too, about your bedding itself. Look at duvet vs. comforter and decide which would keep you warmest. It’s also worth stocking up on some quality pajamas. If you sleep with nothing on or a thin t-shirt, is it any wonder you get cold? And don’t forget to treat yourself to a hot water bottle. Get into the habit of filling this half an hour before you go to bed, and put it under your sheets. That way, you can avoid the horrible moment of slipping into cold sheets. The hot water bottle will also do a fantastic job of keeping you warm well into the night. Who needs heating when these age-old methods work so well?

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The bedroom may not be the most obvious place for houseplants. Even so, it’s one of the best places for your plants to go. There are various benefits to stocking your house with plants. Not only does it make the room look better by adding a splash of green. They also decrease the level of carbon monoxide in the air. This is good news for the environment and you! On top of that, houseplants also reduce levels of pollution in the air. What is there not to love? Go out and find some houseplants that will look good in your room. Stock up on some beautiful pots and make those plants a feature. Once you’ve gone down this path, you’ll never be without a plant in your room again.


We all like our rooms to smell nice, don’t we? Plus, lighting candles has the benefit of being the perfect way to relax in your room. But, you might not realize that candles release dangerous chemicals into the air. As well as damaging the environment, those chemicals are toxic to you! Scented candles are the worst offenders, so steer well clear! That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a little candlelight as you lay in bed. Nor does it mean that you have to go without nice smells in your room. It just means you need to change the way you shop. Look out for some natural candles. They won’t hurt the environment in any way, and they don’t contain dangerous chemicals to inhale. For smells, stock up on an oil burner and invest in some essential oils? These oils are all natural and have fantastic benefits on mood. They also smell amazing!

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