Giving Your Dog the Best Life Possible

It’s fair to say that we’d do almost anything for our dog – they become another family member that we simply couldn’t do without. They’re there for us when we’re having a down day or simply to give us a welcoming greeting when we walk through the door. We are a nation of pet lovers, so giving our dog the very best life possible is always a top priority to keep them healthy and happy for the years ahead. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at just a few ways you can give your dog the very best life possible:

1. Stay on top of their grooming

While dogs may not enjoy being groomed, it will certainly keep them in good health. When the weather gets extremely warm, shorter fur will keep them cool and content, as well as getting rid of any matted knots that may be causing skin irritation. What’s more, they’re bound to enjoy receiving plenty of fuss when they’re looking their best….

2. Make life an adventure

Many dogs love exploring – so instead of taking the same pathway every day for their daily walk, change it up a little and try somewhere totally new. A new trail, lake, or even visiting another neighborhood with new canine friends can add some excitement to your pooch’s life. It will be filled with fresh smells, company, and lots of new adventures that are sure to get their tail wagging.

3. Sign them up to a recommended vet

You cannot predict when your canine companion will become poorly, therefore, you should always sign up to a vet’s practice as soon as you adopt your dog. What’s more, they will need to have the relevant vaccinations and boosters to ensure they remain in excellent health. When your dog is limping Hero Braces are highly recommended. Dog leg braces help to support proper joint function. While you may not wish to think about your pooch becoming injured or ill, it would always be recommended to seek treatment from a highly praised veterinary practice such as Kelly Crossing Animal Hospital – after all, a healthy dog is a happy dog! 

4. Allow your dog to roam off the leash

Dependent on the breed and temperament of your dog, you could consider allowing them to explore off the leash in fields or on the beach. There are rules and regulations in place in various public settings, so always ensure this is permitted before letting your dog run free. Your dog will feel most alive when they’re not tied up, so allow them to have the space and time to stretch their legs and explore a little further afield.

5. A comfortable space in the home

There are sure to be occasions when you cannot be home to spend time with your dog, so it’s important to make their living space as comfortable and calm as possible. Being inside shouldn’t stress them or become a chore; it should be somewhere they enjoy relaxing or playing while you’re not around. Ensure you place a comfy bed on the floor and place treats and toys on the floor to inform them that being home is a fun place to be.

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