Give Your Office a Pinterest Makeover!

The start of a new season often signifies positive change, whether that be a change in your everyday routine, career, health or fitness. I find the beginning a spring almost like the start of the New Year and the perfect time to revaluate your goals. This spring/summer I hope to expand on my travel plans, build on a new skill and take up a language, but I also hope to re-vamp my work space. I know, the last point doesn’t exactly sound life-changing does it? But what I do know is my surroundings have a big impact on my motivation. I want to create an area that inspires me, Pinterest quotes and all.

I tend to change my office space up fairly regularly, as I don’t want the area where I need to work from to become stale and demotivating. Even just a slight change in the colour theme, or a new vase can make an adequate enough change for the short term. Are you feeling like your workspace needs an upgrade? Perhaps you’re after a boost in motivation, check out these unusual ways to re-vamp your work space so you can be 100% Pinterest goals…

  1. A Trolley Cart

This is an essential if you’re a secret hoarder or just tend to own a lot of stuff. Notebooks, pens, pencils, books, the list goes on! These Ikea trolleys are a well-known storage hack, and allow you to neatly display your clutter so you can still aim for that ultra-cool minimalist vibe. They’re also cheap too, so even if it’s just a short term solution, it won’t cost you the earth!


  1. Marble Adhesive Film

Want to achieve that Instagram worthy marble look? It might cost you! Fortunately, you can buy a genius little invention otherwise known as simple adhesive film. Yours for only £5.88 via amazon, you can create a fabulous marble look by covering a surface such as your desk, shelves or side table to build on that luxury feel.

  1. Play With Textures

Make your office much more than just a desk and a chair, involve throws, cushions and don’t be afraid to play around with texture. Faux fur always adds a touch of glamour or why not add something fun such as a pom pom blanket from online homeware boutique Homeward Bound Interiors? Pick up on colours here, if you’re going for a neutral theme overall why not throw in a splash of pink with your accessories?

  1. Get Handy With Clipboards

Clipboards can look great on the wall with printable quotes, and it’s a super cheap way to add a fun element to your office! Keep it simple with just one, or if you’re feeling creative then go with a few to build a feature. You can switch your quotes up on a regular basis too so it’s a great way of keeping your work space refreshed at little to no cost!


  1. Utilise Your Walls for Storage

Instead of owning a desk overflowing with paperwork, planners and receipts, utilise the space on your wall to hold some of your belongings so your desk space can remain a zen, clutter-free zone. I love this industrial style wire storage rack, offering a modern, urban aesthetic.

  1. Bring the Outside In

Plants are said to reduce stress, which could be particularly handy when you’re chasing invoices, working to deadlines or ploughing through an ever-growing mound of work. Cacti are often a popular choice and require very minimal TLC! If you’re after something a little different though, why not look at ivy or an indoor banana plant? A trip to the garden centre may be on the cards, and hey, the older you get the more you’ll appreciate what your local centre has to offer. Candles, cacti and coffee – what more could you want?


  1. Polaroid Style Instagram Prints

Adding a few personal touches to your office may just brighten up a rainy day. There are tonnes of online companies that can print your Instagram snaps in a Polaroid style or onto a photo block. It’s usually cheap, and be sure to shop around for discounts if you have a lot of snaps! Glancing over to a photo of that unforgettable holiday or birthday party might cheer you up and offer a little motivation.


  1. Cute Bunting

Etsy is a hub of super cute bunting, ideal for jazzing up a sorry looking blank wall! I personally love this quirky cactus bunting but you can easily match it to your own theme. If you’re a creative type, why not save money and try to make your own?

  1. Add a Quirky Lamp

An interesting desk lamp can finish off the look of your work space. Classic styles such as the anglepoise never date, or why not go for an on-trend copper design? Stores such as TK Maxx often present a variety of unique styles and it is well worth the hunt!

  1. A Reading Corner

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated room for your work space, why not create a cute and cosy corner to take time out in when things get a little stressful? Velvet chairs are all the rage right now and will definitely be sticking around! Navy and pink are popular colour choices and can add a dash of colour to a neutral office.

Will you be giving your work space a re-vamp anytime soon? Do you find that a clean, tidy & inspiring office helps to boost your motivation?


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