Give it up for the graphic tee!


Graphic Tees are that curious piece of fashion clothing that have done the pendulum swings time & again – to come & go out of trends, having made its way back this time around. While they come up with some pretty cool prints & concepts, one needs to make sure you style it the right way for pretty much all occasions than looking taking it to be a rather juvenile fashion for the teens et all. So here are some style hacks to rock that Graphic T-shirts of yours!

The Casual Layered Look

While you go about rocking those rock band Graphic prints or some artsy graphics, you ought to keep the look casual yet subtly classy. You can team it up with front open shirts & sleeve folds – the thumb rule being that you have to math it to the rest of your outfit& most definitely your personality & taste – for you don’t want to be looking like a misfit, sporting a tee that probably overwhelms over impression.


The Formal Look

Pairing your graphic tees with coats or blazers is quite in vogue these days, for it subtly transforms the casual impression of the Tee with a very classic formal composure, exuding that polished impression alongside the quite funk that the T-shirt adds to the otherwise toned-down guise. So while you take up this smart attire, make sure you don’t go too loud & keep the pairings minimalized & simple.



The Sporty Look

There is one arena where the Graphic Tees are evergreen & ever received – the sporty-surfer casual form, known best for those chilled out & laid back hangouts or probably running errands (whatever you choose). Be it simple graphics, some funny puns, or probably your favourite sport team jerseys – whichever your pick, these go well with surfer shorts or cargo pants while you can throw in some loafers or sneakers to go!


The Minimal Look

Yet another style you can opt for is to go basic – minimalized graphics over basic neutrals to give a casual yet mature look. With the right graphics & the appropriate fit, you can pull of even the simplest of attire with some clean cuts.

Dos & Don’ts

  • Try & avoid flashy logos & opt for graphics more suited to your style, taste & personality.
  • Finding the right fit, with the apt fabric & cuts is a fundamental to pulling off any look – especially a tricky one like Graphic tees. Make sure you choose the right stuff for your body type.
  • Keep up the game on point with the right pairings & mix & match to uplift, rather than downplay your outfit.
  • Avoid the tuck-in style, for it makes you look rather nerdy & aged for the casual occasion, more than required
  • Be careful while you layer the Tees, pairing them up with other pieces, for the trick is to keep it minimalistic while maintaining the contrast.
  • Throwing in a leather jacket or the type can be a good option to go with.
  • You can also rock graphic sweatshirts if not specifically graphic tees to go.
  • Whatever you do, make sure your tee does not give a flashy slogan that speaks more for you than your own self & gives off a bad first impression

Graphic Tees have the tendency to speak for themselves, so while you go ahead with rocking that look make sure you keep a few of these style hacks in mind. Keep it minimal, keep it cool & let out that effortless class to give out the more polished & mature look as suited. Happy Styling!

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