Give a life-changing gift this Christmas to someone in need

Wouldn’t it be great to choose exactly which person you want to give a gift to, learn a bit about their story and may even connect with that person?


“My name is Derrick, and I’m an orphan. When you come face to face with me, you’ll think that am an old man with just a small body. But that’s exactly what life has taught me to become. Being an orphan without opportunities, wanting to compete those with opportunities is one hell of a dream.”

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year.  The sparkle of a fresh snowfall and the beautiful, twinkling lights decorated all around us has a way of putting almost everyone in a good mood.  This holiday tends to bring out the most charitable side out of us all.  Having the ability to spend time with family, give and receive gifts it is apparent especially during this time of year how fortunate we are.  It makes you want to do something for someone else in need. There is nothing more lovely than giving a gift to someone who you know will truly appreciate it or need it.  No one can deny that it feels good to give!

There are so many charities and giving organizations out there to choose from but wouldn’t it be great to choose exactly which person you want to give a gift to, learn a bit about their story and may even connect with that person?  Well is a great website that allows you to do just that!  Through you can go through a list of profiles of different types of people around the world and have the ability to see exactly what they need or want through their Amazon wish list.

Derrick Munene is a great example of a lovely child that is in need that you can connect with on He is an orphan who would love nothing more than a watch, backpack, clothes and a good pair of shoes. On his profile there is a great video that allows you to get to know him a bit more.  You can visit his profile directly here:

You can feel good that 100% of your money goes directly to what they really want.  Not only that, but you can connect with them as well.  Though you can remain anonymous if you’d like, you do have the ability to engage with people by having the ability to comment on their blog posts or even speak to them via Skype.  If you have young children, this is another great way for them to learn about empathy and how to be charitable while also possibly making a new friend with another child across the world.  They can even learn a bit about their culture!  There are many different types of recipients found on A recipient can be poor, homeless or sick people of all ages living in a third world country or anywhere else in the world.

As a giver, you can get to know the receiver a bit more before even giving anything by commenting on receiver’s blog posts or just by asking them questions. Membership is free and you don’t have to worry about extra admin fees. Like stated before, everything you give is 100% going to the person in need.

So what are you waiting for?  It is the season to connect and give back!


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