Girls Summer Dresses: The Heat is on and so is the Fashion

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Even though we’re all getting ready to layer up for winter, a lot of us are counting down to the start of summer. October, during Fashion Month there seemed to be some top trends to look for. But one word that you should think of is enclitic. So, here is the hottest forecast for the summer season

The 90s are making a comeback in a big way. The theory for this is if you subtract 25 (the average age of most new designers) from today’s date (2015) the result is 1990 but with 2015 chic and sleek. This would explain their designs because their childhood years of nostalgia inspired them. Whatever the reason this summer will see bare shoulders and collarbone, angular necklines, sundresses, and baby doll dresses. Bows looks like it will be the new “it” for embellishment for summer dresses (think Victorian, yes I said Victorian) as well as high neck lines. The dress line is composed of vintage fabrics that are iconic for brands like Missoni. Shades from raspberry to peach pink, emerald green to aquamarine and citrine yellow, and lapis blue to amethyst have been alternated with optical white to create bright and luminous effects that stand out. Cheerful pale yellows and light shades will peak in early summer as well as big bright floral prints.

Shimmer and shine looks like another hot trend with metallic and shimmer dresses of gold and silver. What also seems like another new trend that this coming this summer is lingerie by day. With slinky silhouettes and chemises with fabrics of satin and lace is now the new outerwear. Maxi dresses will still be in with big floral prints. Victorian look (yes, Victorian again) is also a trend in the summer fashion with ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles. What is called the “art teacher” look will also be in with prints large and small coming together as with as graphic patterns.

So it seems that enclitic is the right word for the 2016 summer fashion forecast. It seems that anything will go as long as it is casual and cool and flirty. Seems like the styles will be as varied and the individual as in their tastes and shapes.


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