Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

Spring is in full swing. The warmer weather is here and it’s time to enjoy the longer sunny days in the comfort of your own back garden.

But if you’ve not been outside in your garden for the whole of the winter, it’s probably become an overgrown mess.

It’s most certainly time to give your garden a little bit of TLC with lawn care massachusetts.

If you are a complete novice when it comes to gardening, you’ll need to know exactly where you need to start.

Here’s how you can get your garden ready for the summer.

Start With The Lawn

One of the biggest areas of your garden is probably one of the most overgrown if you’ve barely been outside since the start of last autumn.

This can be addressed though. You may decide that you want to save yourself the hassle in and get a professional lawn maintenance company to deal with the overgrowth. In certain circumstances, this may be a good idea. They’ll have the tools to make light work of an overgrown lawn.

However, if you decide to do the lawn yourself, be sure you don’t just go straight in with the lawnmower straight away.

First up, pull out any weeds in your lawn.

If your grass is quite long already, you’ll need to cut it back first. To do this, use a strimmer and then rake off an cut grass. Alter the position of the strimmer head so that you can cut into the edge of the lawn to straighten it.

Then, use a lawnmower to give your lawn a neat and even finish all over.

Finally, if there are any patches of the lawn where the grass has died, scatter some grass seed around the area so that your lawn will look full once more.

To ensure your lawn is watered adequately every day, invest in building a sprinkler system designed for your lawn’s specific needs. For big or midsize lawns, the Rain Bird 5000 Plus rotor sprinklers are ideal as they can cover more ground and even the areas around the sprinkler heads that are often missed. Meanwhile, spray sprinklers are more suitable for small lawns. Adding in a sprinkler system controller allows you to set watering schedules, so your lawn can be hydrated even when you’re out of town.

Patio Care

If you have a patio or decking, this may be also have become rather messy over the winter months.

You will, of course, want a nice patio for relaxing or having BBQs on.

Using a patio weeding brush, clear out any moss, weeds and other debris from between the cracks in your patio or decking.

Then, use a power hose to clean any dirt that has accumulated throughout the winter.

Flower Beds

Now that you’ve got the practicalities of your garden makeover out of the way, you can start to get creative by planting the flower beds.

Before you can plant anything, you’ll need to prep the beds. You can do this by digging out any weeds that you find. It’s important that you dig the full root out or they will be back very quickly.

Then put some compost down and start to plant some flowers.

Think about planting some low-maintenance perennial plants that will come back next year. Things like geraniums, hardy hibiscus, and coneflower are great examples of easy to maintain flowers. Once planted, you should add plenty of mulch around the edges to stop the weeds coming through and ruining the flower bed.

Image Credit Pixabay,com License CC0

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