Getting Them Through the Door: 7 Secrets to Making Your Store Stand out Among the Rest


Today’s retail store owners face competition not just from other local businesses but also from online retailers. It’s more important than ever for stores to create an exceptional experience for their customers to keep them coming back. Read on to find out about seven ways to make a storefront more attractive to new customers and draw in new business to increase a small store’s profit margin.

Create a Great Window Display

Have a store that sees plenty of foot traffic? The right window display will pique potential visitors’ curiosity and get them in the door so that the store’s sales team can get started converting them into loyal customers. A great display means organizing goods so they look appealing and offer a good idea of what the store has to offer.

One great way to show off smaller products is to install a slatwall system as part of the window display. This allows store owners to showcase multiple items without creating too much clutter. Just don’t go overboard and make sure to keep plenty of empty space so potential customers won’t feel overwhelmed.

Choose the Best Products

There’s only room for a small handful of products in a window display so resist the temptation to fill it to the brim. Choose a combination of new products that will appeal to recurring customers and old standbys that perfectly represent what the store has to offer and leave plenty of space between them in the display.

Stay On-Brand

Since a store’s brand should already be customized to appeal to its target demographic, it should be perfect for attracting the visitors most likely to turn into loyal customers. That’s why it’s important to keep the store’s window display on-brand, using key characteristics like colors, patterns, and deliberate product choices to reflect the company’s values. A company that sells custom stationery to business executives, for example, will want to keep the display simple and line everything up perfectly, while a toy store can afford to create a more whimsical display.

Get Creative with Signs

Own a store in an outlet mall or a rural community away from foot traffic? Treat the sign like a storefront and make sure it is on-brand, well designed, and speaks to the company’s target audience. Business owners can also try installing temporary light pole signs for important sales and events.

Decorate the Outside

The more immediately recognizable the building is to customers, the easier it will be for them to recommend it to their friends. Business owners who own their buildings might want to paint the store to match their brand colors, while those who don’t can hang large banners or put up balloons.

Add Lights

Lights and moving parts attract attention like nothing else can. Use them on a parking lot sign by going digital or incorporate lights into the storefront display.

Change the Display Regularly

A lot of potential visitors are people who walk or drive by a store regularly. If they see a new window display or sign that looks more creative and interesting, they’ll be more likely to change their routines and stop in.

The Bottom Line

Even the best products won’t attract customers into a store if they don’t know what the company sells and can’t identify its values. Window displays are key when it comes to attracting more foot traffic while signs and parking lot displays are better for businesses located outside of town. Either way, don’t be afraid to get creative.


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