Getting the Most from a Home Solar Energy System

solar panel

Capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity for American homes is not a new concept. However, in recent years it has gained a lot of momentum as more homeowners adopt it.

This is because advances in technology have made panels and equipment a lot more affordable. Also, government and state grants are more readily available to help people with the upfront costs of funding their investment.

Find out the basics of home solar panels, and how they can benefit your home (and finances!).

Home solar panels – the basics

Using a process known as the photovoltaic effect, solar energy systems convert sunlight into electricity. Simple! Of course the reality is more complex, but that is the core principle.

Home solar panels that capture the sunlight are usually installed on a roof. This is a convenient space to do so because it is otherwise redundant room, and it is the optimal place to gather sunlight.

Once the sunlight (direct current) has been captured, it is converted into a consumable power source (alternating current) by an inverter. AC is the form of electricity home appliance and lighting need to function.

Batteries included?

Your home solar panels may produce excess energy during periods of peak sunlight. There are two options for capitalizing on this excess. One is to install a battery with your system. With this, you can store and save some energy for when you need it during seasonal or daily breaks in sunlight.

You can also opt to be on-grid, which means you are connected to the mains electricity. This system, known as net metering, means you contribute your excess energy into the grid system, but you can draw from it when you do not have enough sunlight to power your home.

Net metering not only ensures you always have sufficient power, it can also save you the cost and space of storing a large battery if your home does not have enough space to hold it.

What about your roof?

One way to figure out the best plan for your roof is to do a solar power firms near me search. Another benefit of home solar panels is that you can use them to replace roof tiles or slate. If you need a new roof, this can avoid that cost while at the same time installing your new solar energy system.

To get started, you can easily find solar companies near me. They can provide the best advice on what will be most cost effective given the unique features of your roof and property.

Solar panels are desirable for homebuyers, so installing them can be a great investment if you plan on selling your house. If you are looking to buy a house with solar panels, then you will need to have your mortgage arranged first to ensure you can borrow enough money to cover the cost. It’s best to turn to a mortgage broker to find the right loan for you. 

Shining the light on solar

You are making a wise decision to invest in solar panels. It is also wise to work with a specialist to ensure everything is setup to be safe and to yield the energy you need to power your property.

There are also plenty of options to help you fund your investment. State or federal schemes offer loans, grants, and other types of incentive to combat solar panel cost. With this, you can realize a return on investment within 5-10 years and be free of your previous electricity bills.

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