Getting Pampered With Your Bridesmaids for the Big Day

It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you’re planning on having, your bridesmaids are worth their weight in gold.

Weddings, while fun, can be stressful and hard to plan. Having an excited, happy, and content group of friends who intend to help you make it the best wedding you could dream of means everything. One of the best ways you can show your gratitude is by getting pampered with them as the countdown to the big day begins.

Let’s take a look at some fun, relaxing things you can do together to get ready for your wedding.

1. Host a Tea Party

Tea parties are basically a great excuse to get fancy and dress up – plus, there’s nothing more relaxing than an opportunity to eat sweet treats and drink tea.

Hosting a tea party is a great way to pamper yourself and the girls – and any female relatives who also want to join in. While the point of a tea party is to get classy and fancy, it’s also a great way to treat everyone in the bridal party and help them get to know one another as well.

A tea party is a simple, laidback way to get pampered with your bridesmaids as you anticipate the busy period ahead.

2. Have a Home Spa Day

Nothing reflects being pampered better than a home spa day. It’s also a great way to get fully relaxed with the girls and choose to focus on nothing else than being pampered for a while.

Get the guests to bring snacks and champagne, while you get ready with scented oils, face masks, face scrubs, hand creams, body lotions, and nail polishes. After all, you’ll need at least two or three practice runs choosing the perfect shade to go with that spectacular diamond engagement ring, and which group of girls is better to ask for advice from than your bridesmaids?

If you want, you can even organize a goodie bag that each bridesmaid can take home.

3. Book a Foot Massage

While getting ready for the big day and wearing your Sunday best is exciting, it can also be stressful and tiring – especially because you and the bridal party will be on their feet for most of the day in high heels.

With this in mind, why not book the whole group in for a pre-wedding foot massage? This is a great way to pamper yourself and your bridesmaids while also thinking practically as well. Plus, you get to catch up on all the latest gossip while you get a pedicure – we can’t think of a better way to spend some time as a group before you say ‘I do.’

4. Book a Weekend Getaway

If you and your bridesmaids have had a particularly stressful couple of weeks getting ready for your wedding, why not book a little weekend getaway to reconvene and lift your spirits?

Sometimes it’s important to just take some time out to recharge and gain a new perspective on things, especially when you’re spending a lot of time together in a rushed, hectic environment.

This is an excellent opportunity to remember why you chose who you did to be your bridesmaids, and remind them of what they really mean to you.

When planning for the big day, it’s easy to get swept up in the planning and organizing side of things. In the midst of all this, remember to take some time out with your bridesmaids and pamper yourselves – you’ll all enjoy the wedding a lot more if you’ve spent some stress-free, quality time together.

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