Getting Body Confident For Good

Body Confident

Body confidence is a term that is thrown around often, but its importance is often overlooked. The way you feel inside your own skin is hugely important for your overall health and happiness. Simply put, if you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t feel happy. Here’s how to bust those body worries and get body confident for good.

Stop Self-Shaming

There are always other people you can compare yourself to. The models in magazines might be thinner. Your best friend might have nicer hair. The girls on YouTube might be better at doing make-up. Stop comparing yourself to others and shaming yourself for the way that you are. You have a lot of great qualities too, and without knowing it, you are probably making a lot of other people jealous. Be happy for your good qualities, not upset about your flaws.

Look After Yourself

When you don’t feel body confident, it’s easy to let things slip. You might stop shaving so often, forget to book a new haircut, or even skip brushing your teeth. If you don’t feel beautiful as a whole, then what’s the point in attending the finer points, right? But when you start taking care of your whole body, you will feel more confident too. Use face cream daily, take a shower or bath every other day at minimum, eat healthy foods, and enjoy a treat now and then too. Being more comfortable with yourself leads to higher levels of confidence – plus you might just find that those flaws you were concerned about start to disappear.

Be Proactive

If there is something you don’t like about yourself, don’t be afraid to change it. One of the top reasons to get a nose job is because it will make you feel better about how you look. At the end of the day, the way you look has an impact on your mental health. If you feel pretty, you’re more likely to feel happy, too. So, now is the time to get that gym subscription and change the way you eat if you feel fat. Now is the time to book an appointment for adult braces if you hate your teeth. Now is the time to ask your hairdresser about how to make that mop turn into beautiful locks. Do it now, and thank yourself later.

Be Naked

If you hate your body or are ashamed of it, you probably don’t look at yourself naked often. But get into the habit. When you are getting dressed or going for a shower, look at yourself. Admire the parts of your body that you do like. See the picture as a whole. Don’t fixate on your hips because you think they are too wide – see the bigger picture and you will start to realise you really don’t look so bad. Don’t feel embarrassed about sharing your body with your significant other, either. Chances are, when they look at you, they see nothing but beauty. Let their positivity power yours.

Embracing yourself and being body confident doesn’t mean you think you are perfect. It means that you see the flaws and like them, or work on them. It means knowing you are right in yourself.

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