Get That Vintage Style without the Theatricality

vintage clothing

Nowadays, wearing vintage clothing is incredibly fashionable. Taking inspiration from our ancestors and working their style into the 21st Century is chic; therefore, we’re a generation scouting for the best finds in our local charity vintage shops. A blouse that would once cost $10 from a vintage fair or charity shop, now costs $50 or more. Vintage clothing is monopolizing the fashion world, showing no signs of slowing down.

A common issue with taking the plunge into the world of vintage fashion, though, is that people don’t want to look as if they’re wearing a costume. They don’t want to step over the line and waltz into the territory of theatricality. They want to look effortlessly cool, and they want to wear vintage garments that stand out, without standing out too much. Therefore, here’s a guide on how to get that vintage style without looking theatrical.

Mix and Match

Look at the current trends, and try to work them into your old favorites. Rather than wear a 1950s dress with a pageboy or brushed-under bob haircut and bright red lipstick, wear a 1950s skirt, a plain modern top, and keep your hairstyle to a minimum. Although there is nothing wrong with going all out, if you don’t have the confidence yet, these baby steps of working vintage with modern clothing can be the confidence boost you need.

You don’t have to focus on one era, either. Sometimes, by mixing multiple fashions, you can create endless possibilities. Contrasting patterns, layers and textures, can be similar to mixing old and new. However, be cautious when doing this, as you don’t want to get it wrong.

Focus on the Outfit

Vintage hairstyles look amazing – however, they’re also time-consuming and difficult to nail. Therefore, it’s best to keep your hair looking contemporary and modern with a vintage twist, while focusing on your outfit. Rather than spend your morning with your hair in rollers, wear loose and modernized 1940s loose waves instead. A simple, slicked back ballerina bun can work wonders if you’re wearing a poodle skirt, and sleek wavy locks pair nicely with a flapper dress.


Any modern outfits can be effortlessly transformed and transported back into another era with the right accessories. If you’re a fan of the 70s, then place flowers throughout your lengthy locks. If you’re hoping to look more Gatsby, then a glittering headband can make your outfit. Check out the sunglasses or every era, and keep an eye out on the details. If you’re looking for authentic jewelry, then Eredi Jovon Cameo Jewelry can complete an outfit inspired by Edwardian blouses or vintage Italian fashion.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes

Finding the right footwear can be troublesome, and depending on your outfit, you may want to stick to something simpler. If you’re look is more grunge and 90s, then Dr. Martens are a safe bet. They’re also a sound investment, as they don’t tear easily and come with a ‘For Life’ guarantee. For a more preppy 1950s/1960s look of denim shorts and a polka dot, tied at the front blouse, Converses are ideal. Again, this is like working old with the new; creating a well-harmonized wardrobe.

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