Get Ready for AW- 5 Fashion Must-Haves

A/W 19

With the A/W 19 season approaching rapidly, it’s time to take the trends that emerged on the runways and start putting the best of the best into our wardrobe. Starting now is how you can be ready once your very own A/W season starts, or, in other words, once the weather begins to cool and warrants layering and winter styling once again.

To help you get ready for the A/W season this year, start by investing in these top five fashion must-haves.

A Classic Element

Year after year, top end designers put out modern looks that often feature a classic element. The camel coat, the trench coat, an A-line skirt, the biker jacket – these are introduced with modern, artistic pieces that push the limits on fashion again and again.

That is why every A/W season needs a series of classic elements to pair more out-there trends. If there is one piece that you should invest in properly, however, it is the trench coat. A modern take on the trench, such as the new line-up from Trench London, is a great way to keep the classic element and invest in quality design. Pair this trench coat with a variety of trends you saw on the A/W catwalks and you have the perfect A/W look.

An Eye-Catching Feature

Colors are always a huge hit on the catwalks, especially in recent years. If going out in monochrome red isn’t your style, however, then pick one eye-catching feature to pop. You could style your look with a bright red jumper, shoes, or a bag to draw the eye.

Tiered Layers

Layers are usually a massive feature on every catwalk, but nowadays they are becoming increasingly impressive. Try wearing white palazzo trousers underneath a pleated skirt, for example. To prepare, just try different combinations of clothes. See if you can work in your summer wardrobe in new ways, for example.

Mix and Matched Patterns

Pattern clash is a hugely popular trend, and the season favorites this year are classics. From plaid to stripes, mix and match the classic design elements to add dimension and interest to your look.

Tip: Rose motifs also made a huge comeback at the A/W fashion weeks, and are a great pattern for the autumn and winter months.

Artistic Tights

Make a statement with your tights as several designers have during the A/W catwalks. From jeweled tights to classic polka dots, to eye-catching patterns and colors, tights are a great way to add interest and design during the start of the A/W season.

When picking which trends to rock this autumn and winter, it’s crucial to remember longevity. Prioritize the pieces that work with your wardrobe and can be worn the most, as these are the trends that have the highest likelihood of being a great addition to your wardrobe. The goal, after all, is not to copy a catwalk look, but to recreate the trends you see in a unique and personal way.

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