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Internet cable Montreal

Once upon a time, virtual reality was seen only in fictions but now we depend on it in our daily lives. Everything is online now, you same one thing and you would find it online. We are living on the internet all the time, be it wired or wireless. In the era of wireless connections, people tend to ignore the wired internet. Yes, we all know the Wi-Fi is flexible but internet cable has certain advantages. Who said the wired internet is an old technology? It’s an old invention but now it has tremendously improved offering the best speed internet. Schools, offices, businesses and most homes have minimum one port for internet cable connection.

What is cable internet?

Cable Internet is also called Hybrid Fiber Coaxial, a broadband that functions using a combination of coaxial cables and fibre to connect you to the internet. The fibre is connected to a central node in the vicinity and buildings are connected to the node via coaxial cables.

Cable internet offers very good speed but the actual speed depends on the type of connection and the infrastructure in your area. If you apply for an internet cable in Montreal, you have to use a modem to connect to the World Wide Web

When should you use cable internet?

Yes, Wi-Fi is definitely speedy and gives enough flexibility and works best for mobile devices. If the set up includes more desktop PCS or server, Ethernet is the best choice. For better gaming and enhanced video streaming quality, cable internet in Montreal is the best. It’s easy to plug the device to the cable; you can enjoy a super consistent connection. Wired connections offer high speed, more reliability and low latency.

The advantages

Who said the wired internet is an old technology? It’s an old invention but now it has tremendously improved offering the best speed internet. In a wired connection uses an Ethernet cable for transforming information. This technology is still ruling the market-beating so much wireless hype all around. So, here is taking a look at the advantages of having a connection via internet cable in Montreal:


Internet via cable is the best when it comes to security because wireless connections are not safe at all. Imagine companies paying such high fees to secure wireless connections but there are chances of getting hacked. A wired network is completely secure. In a cable internet, you have to set up the connection physically to access information.


Are you tired of connectivity issues? It is time to get a connection via internet cable in Montreal. Here you do not have to face router crash or thick walls, wired connections never betray unless there is a power cut in the area.

Internet Speed

Time is precious and when you are working on the internet, low speed is annoying. Modern wired internet connection can offer a speed of 1GB per second. If you believe, it’s even more than three times the speed of Wi-Fi.

The connection speed depends largely on the area bandwidth. Proper bandwidth is distributed to all the customers. Purchasing internet subscription via cable service is pretty easy and a very cost-effective choice of getting high-speed internet. Reputed cable providers that offer internet connection use hybrid fibre coax network which uses optical fibre to the coax cable to enhance bandwidth. Data transmission via fibre happens by light and not signals. When coax and fibre are combined, data speed is very high.

Hassle free

Setting up and connecting wireless networks can be nightmarish sometimes and troubleshooting can be pretty difficult. A wired internet will not have any hassle of setting up, no encryptions and it’s so easy to connect. Using cable internet, you will not have to deal with dropped signals.

Latency is important   

Do you understand latency? The quality and speed of internet connection are not always about bandwidth because latency plays a big role. It is the holdup in the time taken by traffic to get from a specific device to its destination. It is also known as ping. While playing games you need very quick reaction time, reducing latency is what you want and cable internet offers the best.  Latency will not matter much if you are just browsing or streaming videos.


It’s important to identify your internet requirements compare various providers in terms of price, reliability and speed. If you are still brooding over it, get a cable internet connection today.


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