Get in shape quickly with a bodyshaper and strength training

Letting the motivation come from within yourself, that can take some time. When I wanted to start training for the first time, I felt like my score was 3-1 and I was already playing in the last half of the game. Not motivational! I wanted to get rid of those unnecessary pounds, but the energy and motivation was hard to find. How do you start? Well first of all get yourself a good body shaper this will improve your results faster so you will be more motivated to do your workouts!

bodyshaper, strength training

What workouts should I do with the bodyshaper?

You can do any type of workout with the bodyshaper or waist trainer. Variation in the lessons, such as pilates, Body Pump, XCO (core training, abdominal and back muscle ratio), boxing, Zumba and so on.

Once you have picked up the flow in which you take 1 or more group lessons every week, you can start shaping your fitgoals. What do you want to achieve? Strength training offers a lot of benefits and I can really recommend it if you want quick results in shaping your body! You also have to get started with your nutrition now.

 #1. Sculpt your Body

High compression shapewear are excellent to sculpt your waist the way you want to. By first building up some fitness and motivation with the group lessons, you can start with the real work: an effective workout for a fit body. With strength training you can actually shape your body and at the same time, by using circuits, get incredibly fit. When you start, crunches, sit ups, squats without weight can get you started, for the first 4 weeks (approximately).

Stand in front of the mirror and use your sculpting skills. Shape your body the way you want it, are your hips a lot wider than your shoulders, keep your shoulders as a spearhead and train them slightly wider. If you have larger breasts, but small buttocks, focus on your buttocks and legs and shape them into a rounder shape. Strength training also has a fat-burning effect, but local weight loss is not possible. Your entire body will be shaped and you will lose fat in several places, you don’t have a choice. You also train, when you train your buttocks, for example, your legs at the same time, which is very nice.

#2. Burn your Calories Fast, Strength Training VS Cardio

Did you know that the calories you burn during a cardio workout stop when you actually stop your workout? In addition to shaping and making you fit, strength training also has the advantage that you can burn calories for 48-72 hours after an effective workout. This means that your metabolism and metabolism will stay at a higher level for longer when you train more muscle mass. This is because your muscles need energy to recover and your muscle fibers will have to thicken to be able to endure the same workout again. And when your muscle mass increases, your fat percentage decreases in proportion. Power up! That will be banging in the gym.

Building your fitness with cardio is of course a great goal, but keeping your metabolism high even for hours after your workout is really a big advantage of strength training. Also if you are plus size this is a great way to lose some weight. You can wear a plus size waist trainer during your workout do 1-2 cardio hours a week and 2-3 x a strength training workout. You will be in great shape in no time!


#3. Compound Movements, Say What?

Compound movements are much more effective than Isolation exercises. You can easily do them with a waist trainer or shapewear. What is the difference? With isolation exercises you often train 1 specific muscle group on a device, e.g. upper legs. This also ensures that only this muscle group is addressed. In total, it takes more time to use the devices to address all muscles.

If you are going to use compound exercises, you can think of, for example, Barbell Squats or Pull-ups. With the squats you have to appeal to multiple muscles because you perform the exercise in a standing position. Your buttocks, top of legs and back of legs, are all stimulated together. You can already imagine that all intermediate muscles are activated to perform the squat position in a controlled manner. Also because you have to keep your balance during the exercise. And of course we want results as quickly as possible!

We as women are lucky enough to be able to use shapewear to get the figure we want faster. The result will be a beautiful, sexy and fit-looking body. Sweet!


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