Get Blogging-Skills For Your Instagram Photos With These 8 Simple Tips & Tricks


You likely are already following a good number of beauty and fashion bloggers on Instagram. Recently we’ve been mesmerized by how they totally put an expert style on their everyday photos. We’ve got great news for you! It’s not half as difficult as you think to have your photos styled just like your favorite bloggers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a snap of that appetizing avocado smoothie you made for breakfast, the new outfit you’re rocking or the sparkly stapler that’s adorning your desk, it’s more than possible for you to style your photos just like your favorite blogger does.

We certainly don’t even try to hide the fact that every one of us desperately wants our photos to look just as great as those of the fashion bloggers we follow, that’s why we’re letting you in on the best ways to get your Instagram photos sensationally styled! Check out the tips, then get taking photographs!

  1. You Need A Theme

Even if your photo is focused on a new pair of cute boots you want to boast about, get something similar in the shot and your photo has just reached another level. Look at how this blogger wanted to put her neon green and gray sneakers in the limelight, but she threw a couple of tennis balls into the shot to give a burst of color and a hint of story – we love it!

  1. Have Fun With The Birds-Eye View

Especially where Instagram photos are concerned, we are totally digging birds-eye view (also known as flatlays). These shots also come with the added advantage that you don’t need to worry about annoying shadows.

  1. Texture Can Be Your Friend

Don’t get stuck with using only plain white backgrounds for your shots, instead experiment with fur, rugs, blankets or any other cool textile you can get your hands on. You’ll be able to create a better story, as well as give a sense of style to your photo by having fun with textiles. We love how this blogger used a textured blanket as her backdrop, it gives that feeling of a chilled out lazy weekend afternoon with nothing on the agenda.

  1. If You Want Photos That Attract Attention, Think Bright Colors

People tend to fly through feeds, you need something that will grab their attention and halt them in their tracks, that’s exactly the power that bright colors have. To bump up your likes capture bold graffiti walls, sensationally coordinated pastel shades, and so on.

  1. Photos Can Be Transformed When The Lighting Is Right

It may feel like we are stating the obvious here, yet many people are completely oblivious to the importance of lighting when they’re snapping. Natural light will always give the optimum result. You might want to go outside or simply open the curtains, but make sure that natural light hits your shot, if you do, you’ll transform a mediocre picture into an awesome shot.

  1. It’s One Frame, But It Doesn’t Have To Be One Entire Item

This idea goes hand in hand with playing with angles. Instead of facing the item head on and trying to squeeze the whole thing into one frame, try focusing on the center and cutting out the sides for a more stylish snap.

  1. If You’re Photographing An Outfit, Keep The Backdrop Simple

If it’s the outfit that you’re showing off, you want it to pop out of the picture. A simple background works wonders in achieving just that.

  1. Get Instagram Followers

A lot of good Instagram pages will have a lot of followers and that often makes others want to join these pages. Buying Instagram followers from tools like Buzzoid can help this and makes your Instagram seem more popular and in turn more popular. Try it!

  1. Organization Is Crucial

Before you actually take the shot be sure that everything in the frame has come together. If your shooting birds-eye view be sure that everything in the frame is clean (I know it’s a simple thing, but don’t overlook it). If you’re about to snap a chic outfit, be sure there isn’t a piece of trash lying around that’s vying for attention. Remember, details are everything!

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