Award winning German nude art Photographer Kristian Liebrand

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There are different types of nude photography ranging from erotic to highly artistic the possibilities are endless. Nude art photography doesn’t have to be erotic it can be sensual, playful, artistic or elegant too. One well known photographer that stands out with his work is Kristian Liebrand. He is a German professional photographer known for his expressive and artistic nude portrays of women. This talented photographer likes to use light and shadows and different perspectives to create photos that are true eye catchers.

In artistic nude photography the emphasize is more on the movement of the human body. The model is naked and the lines of the body are clear. They are often shot in black and white. The human body has been a source of inspiration for artists and photographers and also for Kristian Liebrand. Taking great photos with a naked human body is a challenge and requires creativity of the model and the photographer. His interest is the play of shapes and lines, lights and shadows and the various photography techniques that he mastered.

Kiristan Liebrand won several awards such as the photographer of the year 2014- digitalphoto nude art & erotic and received international recognition. And his work being exhibited in many cities. He has been featured in numerous magazines, TV stations and professional journals. His book more than nude fine art photography is one of his stunning collection of female nude art photography. The focus is on the photographic composition instead of the female nudity. Which makes his work one of a kind.

The german photographer Kristian Liebrand has received national and international recognition and has won many contests. His artworks has been exhibited in many cities. Numerous magazines, professional journals and some TV stations have reported on Kristian Liebrand. This picture book shows a cross section of his art work for admirers of (fine nude art) photography. His clients include private high profile customers to commercial customers and he is also available for photo productions anywhere in the world.

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