Furnishing your home on a small budget: The best tips!

I think we all know it. You want something different with your interior, but you don’t feel like spending hundreds of euros on this again. Fortunately, there are enough small adjustments that ensure that you can start furnishing with a small budget and enjoy a completely different atmosphere! With a little effort, you can give that wall or piece of furniture a completely different look. For the people who are not so handy with the paint roller or hammer I also have some simple tips!

A new look starts with the wall

The wall is an excellent place to start if you want something different with your interior. Choose a nice color of paint and make a color box in the shape of a rectangle or a circle on the wall. An additional advantage is that it is also less work than if you have to paint the entire wall. Super nice right? What is also very nice are wooden slats on the wall. Choose a nice warm color and your room will immediately have a completely different atmosphere. They make beautiful panels of wooden slats, which also provide better acoustics. Photo frames with posters in the same color as the wall also give a very nice effect If you have a little more to spend, you can also go for a beautiful piece of art on the wall. Choose one with a lot of color if you want to make a real statement.

A new atmosphere with accessories

With accessories you can furnish in a very simple way with a small budget and create a completely different atmosphere. Go for accessories that stay beautiful for a long time and that you don’t get tired of too quickly. Find a nice vase and put a beautiful dried flower bouquet in it. Fresh flowers every week are of course beautiful, but not so good for the wallet. So invest once in beautiful dried flowers. You can put together your dried flower bouquet yourself in the store. A lot of fun to do! You can also use items that you need every day as accessories. For example, display your best books on the coffee table or lay out beautiful magazines. Even small investments such as a plaid or pillows for the couch can make a big difference! If you have a little more budget, then definitely go for a new rug. Also think about accessories that you can make yourself. Find some nice photos and frame them. Super fun to make a photo shelf with all precious memories.

Extra tips for decorating on a small budget

Do you want to give the kitchen a new look? Then paint your kitchen cabinets in a different color or wrap your kitchen with foil! This can be done for a few hundred euros.

Do you have an old piece of furniture in your home that could use a makeover? Very nice to paint it a different color, to reupholster it or to put on new handles or buttons! Don’t have any furniture to fix up at home? Then look on the internet and score a nice fixer-upper for a low price.

Organize an exchange afternoon! You probably have some stuff in the attic that you never use again. Think of old accessories or that cupboard you inherited from your grandmother, but which you do nothing with. On an exchange afternoon you invite all your family and friends and bring the products you want to exchange. Maybe that one friend is super happy with your vase and you get excited about her nice poster! Good for the wallet and also very cozy.

Furnishing with a small budget

Another tip is selling your old accessories and furniture! Let us know what furnishing with a small budget tips you have!

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