Fun ideas to liven up your mealtimes

dining room

Whether you want to bring the family a bit closer together, increase the time spent having meals together or just want a bit of mealtime fun, there are loads of great ideas for you to try out in your own dining room.

Themed Meals

Meals from around the world is a fun one, or you could even do traditional British meals based on towns and cities that have traditional meals associated with them. Meals from around the world don’t have to just stop at the food itself, you can also try the traditional drinks or if you really get into the spirit of the theme, you could wear items of clothing that originate from the selected country.

Togas made from bed-sheets might sound crazy but you never know how much fun it could turn out to be until you try it. Never tried Haggis before? Now is the perfect opportunity and topical too as it was recently Burns Night, the annual celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Mexican night can be fun when you set out fajitas for the family to make up their own fajita with all of the essentials; jalapenos, salsa, sour cream, avocado… all great fun when making up a fajita.

Electronics Ban

If you’re trying to get the family to spend time together then it is important that the kids aren’t playing on their phones or tablets. Make the dining room a technology free room and they might actually notice what they are eating.

Plate Alternatives

If you’ve been to a quirky restaurant recently, you may have noticed that there is no guarantee that you food will arrive on a plate. In fact, in many places, receiving your meal served up on an actual plate would be considered old-fashioned. The whole concept might be a bit ironic given that being served your food on a slab of wood or slate feels like its going back to caveman days.

That said, serving meals on an alternative to a plate could be an interesting way to liven up your meal. A ‘hanging kebab’ is very popular in some restaurants and you can certainly liven up a Sunday Roast by serving on a wooden slab. You might not want to serve circle shaped food or liquids like gravy on that occasion though. Try cutting your Brussels sprouts into squares to avoid a sprout exodus.

Modernise the Dining Room

If you want to have a real change in the style of your dining room then you could look at getting a new table and seats. There are some exciting new modern trends such as gloss furniture available from stores like Danetti these days that will no doubt be a hit with all of the family. Your room can be transformed with the introduction of a sleek new table or the character of a wooden table.

You can even just try and bring a new feel to the room by painting the walls a different colour, as the colour plays a significant part in your mood. It could give you a real boost in your mental wellbeing.

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