Fun Ideas for Printing Business Cards That Convert


Even though some of the traditional marketing tools have been overtaken by events in this digital day and age, business cards are still one of the most effective marketing tools for many businesses. According to Jonathan Long the founder of Market Domination Media, and an active contributor to the Entrepreneur magazine, there are more than a few reasons why business cards are still crucial tools in marketing.

However, how effective your business cards are will be determined by a number of factors. Some of these include your choice of paper, color choices, text font, how logos are displayed and most importantly, how easy the business card is to read. As Christina Wang puts it, simplicity is a huge determinant when it comes to business cards that convert. Whether it is for your nail salon business, boutique or female clothesline venture, here are a few fun ideas for printing business cards that convert.

  1. Choose Your Paper Wisely

One of the ways to make your business cards more successful, appealing, and adorable is to choose the printing paper wisely, especially when generated from the best letterpress service. Here, we’re talking about the texture and the thickness of your business cards. A textured paper will give your business cards an elegant look and feel. It will also stand out from the rest, seem more professional and feel more expensive if the paper is thicker. Thicker business cards are also more durable and amazing for most people to carry along. Also, go for a paper that is plastic coated and doesn’t attract dirt much.

  1. Add Some Elegance by Embossing

Embossing your business card will enhance elegance and style as it normally creates a raised 3-D effect that is more appealing to most people, especially if you plan on using black and white themes. Use this tactic along with some thermography, which means adding a shiny or raised print to make your business card more unique and charming.

  1. Choose the Colors Wisely

Instead of using a certain color because it is your favorite, it can be wiser to go for colors that resonate with your business and its logo. Lucky enough, we ladies are stronger than our male counterparts when it comes to choosing colors. However, be sure to make it professional and avoid using clashing colors. It can be a bit different from your wardrobe when it comes to choosing colors for your business card prints.

  1. Add a QR Code

Especially if you want to provide more information about your business without cluttering or stuffing your business card, adding a QR code can be an awesome way to do so. In addition to saving space, a QR code can serve as a link between your analog marketing tools (business cards) and your online content. It is also an economical way of providing a CTA for your business through business cards. Make use of the many free online QR code generators and you’re good to go.

  1. Use some Humor

Last but not least, you may want to include some humor when designing your business cards, just before printing. Especially for startup businesses, the use of humor can be a high-risk, yet high-reward strategy for printing business cards that convert. According to Forbes’ Susan Adams, using humorous text and images will almost certainly make your business cards stand out. If you can include some funny phrases, in a conservative manner, your target clients will remember your business more.

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