Have Fun at All Festivals this Summer: A Short Guide on How to Dress for Comfort and Style

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Summer is the season for festivals, parties, concerts and outdoor fun. If you are the kind of girl who loves to attend music festivals, art exhibitions in open air, gastronomy shows and so on, you should know you will have to face large crowds, a lot of sun, capricious weather, hours of standing, dancing and moving around.

Summer festivals (in your city or elsewhere) are the best way to have fun together with friends and family. There are plenty of festival-safety rules to keep you protected from accidents and misdemeanors, but, in order to feel comfortable, look great and stay safe you should take into consideration the next tips and tricks.

Dress Up Tricks

  • Your backpack is your best friend: no matter if you attend a concert in your city or travel and camp in another city for a weekend-long festival, pick a solid, durable and safe backpack for all your belongings. This means you should travel light and have your necessities all in one bag.
  • Wear comfortable cotton lingerie that doesn’t perspire and doesn’t cause irritations and lets you move and dance freely without chafing.
  • Wear your clothes in layers: you can take some off if you are hot, and you can put some on in case it gets chilly at night. Moreover, thin clothes can be easily packed in your rucksack without taking up too much space.
  • Take a plastic rain poncho with you just in case. You may need to immediately put it on in case sudden rain threatens to ruin your fun and it can be easily reused once it dries naturally in open Such ponchos are foldable and packable without taking too much space in your luggage.
  • Take all the clothes you think are suitable to the occasion that look good on you, are fashionable and stylish – but pay attention to those that they don’t ruffle when stored in a backpack. It is more important to look neat, clean and tidy than featuring crumpled tops or summer maxi skirts.
  • Make sure you pick the correct footwear. If you attend music festivals that involve a lot of dancing, you may want to leave home your heels or strappy sandals. The unwritten rule of festivals is never to wear shoes that can easily fall from your feet or which don’t protect your feet enough. You can always go for a stylish pair of glittery trainers with laces for a bit of glam. If somebody accidentally stumps your foot with a rocker boot, you may have to spend the rest of the festival in an emergency room, and you surely want to avoid that.
  • Always wear a headpiece: a summer straw hat, a stylish fedora or panama, a baseball cap, a scarf, a bandana and so on. The problem with festivals is that you may have to spend hours in a row under the scorching sun, so you need to protect your health and well-being.
  • Always wear sunglasses – but never take your designer label shades with you. Instead, pick one or two cheap and disposable pairs of sunglasses you won’t cry over if you lose them or break them in the crowd.
  • Same advice for jewelry and accessories: don’t take your valuables with you as large crowds make you vulnerable to losing, damaging or stealing of items and you don’t want to come back to tell your grandmother how you “misplaced” the pearl necklace she gave you for your sweet sixteen celebration.

Remember to always – always – wear sunscreen and follow all possible money and personal safety guidelines when attending large festivals or concerts. Dress up smartly and comfortably, have fun and stay safe – even if you indulge in a little excess here and there.

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