Fun Business Ideas For Creatives


Are you a creative kind of person with a talent and passion for art and design? Don’t let your skills go to waste- why not set up your own business? There are tonnes of things you can do with your skills, you could start it as something to earn money on the side but if things go well, it could quite easily become your full-time job. Here are some ideas you could consider.

Framed Prints

Gallery walls are very ‘in’, and the print business is big. You could create stunning typographic quotes, personalised prints and other kinds of art on programs like Photoshop. There’s a big market for these, and it’s a fun way to put your creativity to some use. You’ll need to find a supplier of picture frames; that way you can offer your prints as either download, printed on paper or printed and framed. This will appeal to the most people possible, especially since people looking to give them as gifts are likely to prefer everything to come framed and ready to go. You’ll also need to invest in a professional printer and some good quality paper. From there the sky’s the limit, you can take it in any direction you choose.

Clip Art

If illustration is more your thing, why not sell clip art? Many people who are into scrapbooking and card making buy clip art on sites like Etsy, so it’s a good way to make some extra cash. Also, once your designs are completed and uploaded, there’s no hassle to you whatsoever. Etsy releases the images once the customer has paid and the money goes straight to your bank. Unlike with the prints, there’s no need to physically print anything since it’s entirely digital. You can hand draw or paint designs, scan and then remove the background. This makes it easy for whoever purchases them to use them in their projects. The best way to go about selling clip art is to create bundles. For example, if you were doing an Easter theme you’d do an Easter bunny, a chick, a basket and some easter eggs. If you were doing a woodland theme, you’d do a selection of plants and animals. These are far more appealing to the buyer as when they’re creating their project they have all of the different components in the same style on one download.

Pic credit to Pexels

Blog and Logo Design

More people than ever now have blogs, websites and their own businesses. This means there’s a big market for things like logos and headers. If you’re a dab hand at creating professional looking graphics, then this is a good one to pursue. You could create a few different designs which you would then personalise with the company’s name after purchase. Or you could offer bespoke work which will bring in more money. If you have a good working knowledge of Photoshop and an understanding of how different font styles work together, it’s worth a try. Look online for inspiration and then have a go yourself.

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