From Night to Day, Work To Play: Attending a Christmas Party Straight From Work

Fitting in a social life when you have a full-time job can be difficult, and at times does require a bit of creativity! Even if usually you’re happy to forfeit the party for an early night in bed, over the festive season it’s worth getting yourself out there and enjoying the fun. If you’ve been invited to some Christmas parties but are working until late, you don’t have to miss out. Here are some of the ways you can transform your look from night to day

Think About Outfit

Formal wear for women can easily be transformed into an evening outfit if you choose wisely. For example, you could wear a pencil skirt with a vest top underneath and a blouse over the top for work. Then for the party, take off the blouse and you have a chic looking outfit. Alternatively, you could go with plain black trousers. You could wear a black, form-fitting dress with tights and a blazer or cardigan for work. That way once you take the jacket and tights off, it looks totally different! Bring a pair of heels in a bag or in your car; this will instantly transform the look from day to night too.

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Once you have your main outfit sorted, the accessories you pair it with will finish everything off perfectly. For example, adding a chunky statement necklace or a glamorous pair of earrings will stop it from looking like workwear and make it look like something you would wear for a night out. Put your regular work’s bag in your locker and bring out a clutch instead for any essentials you need.

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There’s not a huge amount you can do with your hair when you’re transforming a look from day to night. You could wash and straighten it the night before and wear it to work down. Then in the evening, use some dry shampoo and a teasing comb to lift the roots and make you look more night-out ready and feel confident. You could even french braid your hair for work, and in the evening undo it and wear your hair wavy. Pop a mini can of hairspray in your makeup bag to give it hold.


A change of makeup can make a huge difference. Swipe on a dark colored lipstick and apply some extra bronzer to your face to warm it up and give it some extra structure. If you’re a pro at applying false lashes, these will dramatically change up how you look and add some glamour for a night out or party.

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Finally, a spritz of perfume will finish everything off. If you don’t want to bring the bottle, you can buy small handbag sized perfume atomizers which are handy for travel and situations like this. Go with your favorite sultry evening scent!

Will you be attending any parties straight from work this Christmas?

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