Four Types of Dress You Need in Your Wardrobe

If you think dresses are just for special occasions or beach holidays then think again. The dress is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe and with these four different styles at your disposal, you’ve got everything you need for every kind of event:


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The Maxi-Dress

You don’t have to be royal to be as elegant as Kate Middleton, you just need the right maxi-dress.

Whether you prefer slim-fitting or full and floaty skirts, the toe-skimming maxi-dress makes it easy to feel feminine and look as relaxed or as glamourous as the occasion requires.

Look for soft fabrics that have fluid movement and a wraparound or belted waist to give you definition and shape.

shiftThe Shift Dress

The classic shift dress should be a staple item in any woman’s wardrobe.

Although the ‘Little Black Dress’ has long been considered the ‘must-have’, the shift is actually a very versatile piece of clothing that’s available in an infinite range of cuts, colours and styles.

Whether you prefer a loose-fitting tunic or a meticulously tailored cut, the shift dress can be effortlessly dressed up or down for any occasion.

Pair it with a cardigan and sandals for casual daytime events, a jacket and smart pumps for the office or heels and statement jewellery for a night out.




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The Fit and Flare Dress

Much like the shift dress, the flared dress – also known as the skater dress – is perhaps a little more girly and fun but it’s also an absolute design classic.

Made popular in the 1950s, the fit and flare dress is one of 2015’s hottest trends. The key to getting it right is to look for a figure-hugging top half, a cinched waist and a skirt that flares from the hip line for a curvaceous silhouette.


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Often made with structured fabrics like cotton or poplin which hold their shape, the fit and flare dress looks and feels beautiful. Equally suited to formal and informal occasions and almost any body shape, this dress belongs in your wardrobe.











The Party Dress

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This is your statement dress.

Although it may fall into any of the above categories in terms of cut, the party dress is all about the details.

Whether you go all out for bold, show-stopping glamour or play it cool with an understated, chic look, the perfect party dress is one you get excited about slipping into.

Look for quality fabrics that are beautifully constructed and which have interesting design features such as textured lace or embroidery trims or, like Emma Watson, embellishments of gems of feathers.

Tip: Necklines, hemlines and sleeves make a huge difference to the way a dress looks and feels, as does the quality and colour of its fabric. Play around with designs, try something out of your comfort zone and make 2015 the year you dare to wear dresses.

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