Four Tips on Choosing Plus Size Clothing for Upcoming Winter

The changing months bring with them more than just changing weather. As we move down the calendar, you can expect to see some drastic changes in fashion trends. While summer trends prefer light, summery colors, fabrics, and styles, winter brings with it a chance to be more experimental. You don’t need to worry about hiding away from the blistering sun when the winter months come around – you have full liberty to dress as you please. However, plus-sized women might find winter dressing a little tricky. With layers taking center stage, it can be hard to keep warm without looking overly bulky. The fashion market predominantly has styles that cater better to slimmer women. However, that doesn’t mean that plus-sized women need to feel left out. Below, we’ll list some of the most popular plus-sized fashions for winter you can get on board with ASAP.


1.       Emphasize Your Body

Choosing the perfect clothes for plus-size figures may seem a little tricky, but anyone can do it if you follow some useful tips. Suppose you want to look flattering focus on emphasizing your figure. Consider buying clothes that suit your body shape and keep it perfectly visible when wearing them. You can choose the lengths of your tops and pants cleverly to create a flattering look. For instance, if you wear high-rise jeans instead of low-rise with a cropped sweater, your curves will look more defined and visible. When you wear low-rise, always wear a long tunic or long coat as this will prevent your midsection from looking bulky or shapeless.

Picking the right denim bottoms can make a world of difference when you’re trying to emphasize your body. Jeans can cinch in your waist and highlight your curves in the best way to make your figure look drool-worthy. Furthermore, jeans are more than just comfortable. They can give your body the support it needs without being too stifling. Therefore, getting plus size white jeans is your best bet to looking stylish this season. These jeans come in a range of styles, and you can opt for boot-cut jeans, boyfriend jeans, distressed denim, and more. When paired with the right top, you can easily style this look up or down.


2.       Choose Colors Carefully

Colors matter a lot, especially when you have a plus-size figure. Choosing the right color means it will make you look instantly slimmer. You can try some new, solid colors instead of just wearing black to look slimmer. If you have a heavier chest or wide hips, don’t opt for whites or light brown tones, as they can make you wider. Flatter your figure this winter by wearing different hues like pink, reds, peach, blue hues, and purples. If you love your upper body, you can make it more flattering by wearing a bold-colored coat or jacket.

However, always keep in your mind that dark colors draw attention too. So make illusions, cut the colors smartly by mixing and matching elements like dark and light combinations. Cuts and colors are vital for plus-size dressing. If you wear a bright, solid-colored suit, then it has to be fitted perfectly to make you look slimmer and flattering. So, never hesitate to try some new colors which will look stunning on plus-size women this season.


3.       Wear Coats with a Defined Shape

Instead of wearing a loose coat that completely hides your body in this winter season, choose to wear a coat that defines your waist or midsection. This style is incredibly flattering on plus-sized women and can help them show off their envy-worthy curves. The point is not to hide your shape. If you’re wearing a long coat such as a trench, you can add a belt to make your waistline more visible. If you choose a short coat with a cut waistline, it will elevate your upper body and show the waistline more precisely and flattering.

If you want to wear a long coat and don’t want to add a belt, wear this piece with high-rise or mid-rise jeans to cut the torso. It can make your figure more curved as opposed to being bulky. A well-defined waist area is always looking flattering and creates an hourglass shape. Most plus-sized women shy away from embracing their curves. Instead, they opt for overly loose, baggy styles that can make you look incredibly shapeless. The key to winter styling is to accept your curves and show them off.


4.       Mix Textures and Patterns

Most of you think that wearing the pattern or print from top to bottom is how you work with prints. However, as a plus-sized woman, you should avoid this fashion for this season. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear patterns or prints; you can wear them and look incredibly chic, but you need to figure out the correct way to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Wearing patterns and prints when you have a plus size figure demands a little consideration, while choosing as busy prints can make you look super bulky.

Patterns and prints look more appealing on your body if you wear a patterned top paired with a plain colored A-line skirt or trousers without print. It will enhance your body as it cuts the torso and elevates the whole look. You can try different patterns and prints and mix and match the textures and patterns to have a more defined figure and beautifully disguise your flaws. Vertical prints, in particular, are super chic on plus-sized bodies, and they can elongate your figure.



Many plus-sized women often feel limited by their body shape when it comes to dressing up. However, your shape doesn’t mean you need to hold yourself back. Plus-sized women can look incredibly stunning when they dress, according to this guide. These tips can help you dress for the colder months without having to hide your body behind loose, shapeless clothing. Instead, you can embrace your curves and look and feel like your best self.

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