Forever Handmade – Unique Jewellery fashioned the Stylish Way

“Unique style – unique elegance”, this is the motto under which a new handmade jewellery brand makes its entrance into the fascinating fashion world. A hobby, an interesting in fashion, an eye for design, traditional techniques and creativity. This is what we can say briefly about Forever Handmade. You can see it for yourself, visiting
the website:

When nature becomes a source of inspiration

Flowers have always been a leit-motif with jewellery designers. But, have you ever thought of encapsulating a whole enchanted garden in one single necklace? This beautiful piece is currently available in two versions (dark and light), which bear very few differences. Besides this necklace, the ‘Mother Nature’ collection includes a stunning pair of earrings in the form of yellow daffodils, lots of maple leaves earrings and crochet tube necklaces.

Red and bold 

Who hasn’t had a time in her life when red was the symbol of style and elegance? If red is your thing, you might want to browse the “Crush on Red” collection. This poppies necklace is simply stunning, but there are also other pieces you might like.


Looking for something blue?

Whether you are looking for a bridal accessory or just love the colour red, Forever
Handmade has a special collection for you. You can become the lucky owner of this
pair of blue earrings, and, what is more of it, they have also a matching necklace.

All in all, Forever Handmade is a great find. The best thing about the brand is that they take also custom orders. This means that, if you like a certain model, but you would rather have it in a different colour, your dream might just come true. It’s all limited to the availability of supply, of course, but in most cases, you can place a personalized order just by contacting them.




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