Follow These 9 Super Easy Tips To Make Your Festival Outfit Smashing


It is highly likely you are the kind of person who plans what to wear to the next festival far in advance. I certainly do. As just one example, I knew with certainty I wanted a camo and U.S.A. theme months and months before going to EDCLV. It is great that rave outfits are now all the rage and can be easily found everywhere for pennies on the dollar. But it makes it difficult to be unique and stand out from all the rest.

For that reason, I came up with an idea I think is perfect. I pick clothes that allow me to be comfortable while remaining stylish. Then I find one item or accessory that really stands out and makes the entire outfit uniquely my own. For the examples I gave above, I found the perfect mini backpack to go with my camo outfit and an awesome lip flag tattoo for my U.S.A. outfit.

You are likely planning for some of the upcoming festivals and so I have included 9 super easy tips to make your festival outfit a total smash. These tips will help make your outfit off the hook.

  1. Start With Lip Color

Glossy and bold lipstick are in fashion right now. You don’t need to worry if you have the right skin type. There is a color that will work with your skin. Try to imagine a bright purple. That is what I bought for Electric Zoo which takes place next week. It might require you to be a bit more courageous than normal, but it will really add pop and flair to your outfit. You will likely find as I did that you get exactly what you pay for regarding lipstick. You can go cheap, or you can look great. For those wanting more, consider a lip tattoo that has its own design. is the place I found mine.

  1. Accessorize With The Right Belt

If you have a skirt, bodysuit, or a pair of booty shorts there are many rave shops that carry a range of belts to accessorize your outfit.  You can get a belt in almost any color and with ornaments such as jewels or fringe to name a couple. Ofisa belts add pop and sparkle to their selection and I liked them a lot. These belts add to the coverage you’ll get when dancing and jumping around as you pass the night away.

  1. Add Leg Wraps

These are easily found in color assortments that will match any outfit. You can use one or even two wraps. The ease of matching these with any outfit make them among my favorite accessories. is where I found some for only seven dollars. They stayed up during the entire festival when I went to EDCLV. Some of their selection include patterns, metallics, and even neons.

  1. Get A Flash Tattoo

It seems these temporary tattoos are getting more and more popular. You can find them in an assortment of colors, shapes, and styles. These are for purchase at online shops and boutiques. All of mine have stayed on very well and I have even kept some of them on for days. I am prepared for TommorrowWorld and EZoo with tattoos that match my outfits for those events. Easy, is my favorite and they usually have a great selection. But you might want to also check out

  1. Body Jewelry Is All The Rage

For summer time this is a hot accessory. Body chains for girls are so hot. Whenever I am at the pool or on the beach I see them. You will need to make sure they function well when you move. If you are dancing you don’t want it to come off. If you don’t make sure of it, you might spend all of your time pulling it back up ever time you start to move a bit on the dance floor. This jewelry has now expanded to include arm cuffs, headpieces, waist chains and even jewelry for the feet. For those of you who aren’t yet sure what you want, Etsy is a good place to look at a full range of items.

  1. Body Paint Stands Out

This is one of those choices that can look awesome or horrible. The reason is if the person who puts it on does a bad job then it won’t look good. But if you have the right person then it will look incredible. Park City is one of the places you can find neon color options for body paint. If you sweat a lot then it might not be the right choice for you, but if you don’t then it is a great accessory. I happened to buy blacklight neon paints at EZoo. I will report later how those worked for me.

  1. UV Hair Mascara

UV Hair mascara is a new and cool way to really add a little colour and brightness to your look and can really fit into this whole look.

  1. Sunglasses For Every Outfit

This accessory is one of the few must-have items. I don’t recommend you bring expensive brands because the activities at festivals mean there are too many situations where the sunglasses could fall off and get broken. The fun of it is to find fun, cool sunglasses that add to your outfit. There are even diffractions sunglasses that will make looking at lights much more fun. Forever 21 is among the shops that have heart shaped sunglasses for as little as five bucks.

  1. Mesh Layering Is Hot

Hot as in cool, but also warm if you follow me. At first thought, you might think layering could take away from the overall look of the outfit. If you are camping at the festival then having layers will not only look cool, but help keep you warm. A hoodie mesh for your head, or a mesh skirt with your shorts will go a long ways to adding needed warmth while looking cool.

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