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Dioptric glasses, except for visual correction, can also be an outstanding fashion detail on your face. It can get completely different expression when wearing appropriate goggles. Depending on the frame shape and color, the outlines of your face can be smoothed or emphasized.

The first rule is to choose a good and quality pair of eyewear. It’s not something you buy every day, especially when it comes to glasses for correction of vision deformities. The frame should be made of quality materials, and the lenses must be done according to the ophthalmologist’s specifications.

Since you will carry them for the most part of the day, the glasses should be comfortable to wear. Experts suggest the use of natural materials for frames, such as acetate, or metal and titanium frames, which had a tremendous comeback to the fashion scene.

Still, you don’t always have to be a slave of fashion. First and foremost, your pair of glasses should serve the purpose. Then, they should fit your face shape, and finally, we can consider the style (more tips on this page). However, today it is possible to match all that. In the text below, you will read about current trends in the world of eyewear fashion.

“Geek” Look for Everyone

Even though the synonymous for a geeky look were big glasses with a massive and not-so-attractive frame, their time had passed. Thin, metal frames replaced them, as one of the most popular trends in eyewear. They are minimized, stylized, adapted to each face, and that metallic reflection gives your face a specific look.

The choice of shapes varies, but we notice that the aviator and round frames dominate. It’s easy to fit them in every style, for both day and night, or for any occasion. Black colors give the impression of elegance; neutral shades can be matched with all kinds of outfits. Those who like to experiment can opt for cheerful colors like purple or red for some special occasions.

Travel Back through Time with Wooden Frames

Although at first glance, they are reminding us of something that our grandmothers wore, the glasses with wooden frames are a real hit this season. Whether the frames are really made of wood (like bamboo or sandal wood) or plastic that has this wooden effect, these glasses are really unique accessories. Especially if they have some detail, such as carving or piece of ebony.

Eyewear brands mostly do not experiment, but play safe – wood pattern best comes to expression in neutral and earthy colors, such as brown, beige, khaki, etc. Inspired by the style of the 60s, these frame materials fit best with brow line, square or cat-eye shapes.

According to this site, the retro-chic that these glasses bring can be real refreshment in your business look, but also in some casual, daily outfits. Some wooden eyewear brands have even designed models that you can wear on quite unusual events, such as on the beach or at the parties.

“Computer Reading” Glasses Came Out to the Runaway


The combination of science and fashion seems to be winning. Until a few years ago, glasses with blue light blockers were salvation for people working in front of a computer for hours. They were the first line of defense against this specific radiation. Today, when we spend most of our work and free time in front of the screens, these glasses have become both need and a fashion detail.

Blue light can be beneficial for you, but it has its “dark side.” More info find here:

Since this protection refers to the lens, any professional optician can adapt them to your style. And as the blue light makes up over a quarter of all the radiation in nature, it means that we are exposed to it even when we are not in front of our laptop or smartphone.

It is important to note that there was a lot of work on the design and apparel of these models. The lenses were no longer fluorescent yellow (which made these goggles pretty funny). Today, these lenses are thin, flexible and stylish and can fit into every frame shape.

The longer you wear them, the more glasses become part of you and your personalities. When you find a pair that perfectly matches your face shape, which is both beautiful and useful, comfortable and stylish, your look will be complete.

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